Apple iphone : IOS Malware has been Found

iosApple iphone : IOS Malware has been Found :

Apple iphone has always been considered as most secure phone with IOS (Operating System), but now the security of this device is in doubt. After the news of leaking data from iCloud, the security firm has confirmed the presence of IOS Malware. Your Apple iphone is not secure as you think. Apple has been informed about this malware in Feb end by ” Palo Alto Networks “.

Malware in Apple IOS :

Trojan has been detected and exploits flaws in Apple’s DRM, said security company ” Palo Alto Networks”. They are calling this ” AceDeceiver “, but it only gets activated when device is geotag in china.

How this Malware Works ? 

The process of working of this malware is little complicated. ” AceDeceiver ” uses the mechanism called FairPlay. In this, Attackers purchase apps and save authorization code needed by the app to work on Apple devices.
Those who doenload the AiSiHelper which mimics iTunes will be in a possession of an infected computer. So, Whenever a person plugin to IOS device , attackers can send authorization code to track a victim’s device to make sure that person purchased that app and can download it.
Once a person download that app, it will prompt user for their Apple id and password , which then attackers have access to.
Apple has been notified by the Palo Alto Networks in end Feb and now ” AceDeceiver ” has been removed from app store.

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