Infosys Exact Salary Structure For Freshers


Infosys is the India’s No. 2 IT company and it has almost 2 lakh employees all over the world. It is one of the biggest mass recruiter company of India. Every year Infosys has been recruiting almost 20,000 folks from all over the world. Chances are high that you are also a Infosys Employee or you may get a job letter from Infosys which brings you here. In this post I am going to share the salary structure of Infosys for fresher in detail.

When you will get recruited from on campus or off campus(doesn’t matter), you will have to complete your training in Mysore. You have to travel from your home location to Mysore at your own expense. Company will not give you any travel allowance or anything. You have to report on one day before your joining date.

Infosys Exact Salary Structure For Freshers

For first 4-5 months you will go through from your training period. For that time your tag will be System Engineer Trainee. As a System Engineer Trainee, you will get exact amount of Rs. 13,074 in hand. Apart from this you will get a Infosys Membership card which is mandatory for everyone. You can use Infosys multiplex facilities, sports facilities, etc. You cannot use Gym facilities from this card, for that you have to pay 350 rupees extra and you will get a Gym card.

You will get an accommodation also in Infosys Employee care centre which is not less than 5 star hotel room. You will get a house keeping facility with bed Tea/ coffee. Infosys will deduct 3750 rupees for accommodation which is extra from  13,074 rupees.


When you will complete your training you will get a tag depending upon your percentage. Grades are as follow:

Above 92 % – Top Performer (TPF)

80-91 – High Performer (HPF)

75-79 – Above Average Performer (AAPF)

65-74 – Average Performer

<64 – Fail

Infosys Freshers In Hand Salary

If you are able to score more than 92% or I should say if you are a then your salary will be Rs. 25401(in hand) plus you will get a one-time bonus of Rs. 38000(approx). This salary will be credited to you account on the first month salary day after you will complete your training.

Similarly if you are a HPF, then your salary will be Rs. 24151(in hand) and your one-time bonus will be 28000 (approx). So  your first month salary after training will come around Rs. 52151(24151 + 28000).

You have to spend one year after training in Infosys, then you will be treated as a permanent employee and you will get all the hikes and other benefits after that period.

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