Infosys Mysore Training- Easy Or Difficult?


Infosys is the second largest I.T. company of India and it is also the second largest company who hire the maximum number of engineers from all over the India. Infosys has development centers in 9 cities but Mysore is the place where every engineer has to complete his/her training before getting into development unit.

Infosys Mysore Training – Easy Or Difficult ?

There is always one question in the mind of every student before getting into Infosys is that is he/she able to clear training or not as one is not from CS/IT background. This is the same question which was in my mind before coming to Mysore for Training. Yes I am also an Infoscion and I am from electronics (non-  C.S/ IT) background and I have completed my training in one go with high performer tag. Some of you started thinking that I was good in coding and other technical things in IT or I have some pre knowledge of IT. Let me tell you very frankly that I was not at all good in IT things and I don’t even know how to write a for loop in coding ( :P).


Let me tell you in detail how Infosys training is designed. Infosys training is divided into two parts – generic (41 working days) and stream (47 working days). First you have to go for generic in which they will teach you python language with some other basic subjects like DBMS, OOPS, OS, SE, Data-structures. This generic part is common to all and if you fail in any one of the training then they will give you 15 days to prepare and give one more time but that is not required, you can easily crack the exam if you just study in the class and completed all the assignments provided by them. Exam will be easy and come from assignments and study material only. In generic you have 3 attempts to clear it.

Infosys Mysore Training Course Subjects Languages Syllabus

Then you will get a particular stream which is also called domain (like java,.net,SAP,BI,IVS,oracle). They will teach you in particular stream. Stream allocation are purely random, you cannot do anything (except praying) to get your favorite stream. You have 4 exams in Stream and you have to clear all exams in 2 attempts. Some people say generic is easy and stream is difficult but trust stream is far easier than generic. You have ample of time in stream especially if you get oracle or BI.

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So overall Infosys training is easy and you can easily clear it if you pay attention in class only.

All the best for your future.

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