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Being a hard-core fan of American TV shows, it is common for every individual of being informed about different shows with similar themes or maybe something cooler. Which season is upcoming, or which show has decided to update for a new season. What I will try to do here is, to talk about some of the legendary shows that came in the past 5-10 years or so. Mainly I will be presenting a must watch list today.

There will be no specific sequence or logic behind the listing. These will be the shows which are close to my crazy and much lazy heart. So friends let the show begin.

  1. How I Met Your Mother
    Yes guys, HIMYM…Pretty obvious right. Everybody, like literally everybody liked it(no offense to the few with bad taste).How can one not like Barney Stinson. The awesomeness of NPH is just beyond description. Yes many sitcoms came with a general theme of a gang of New Yorkers hanging round. Always at their favorite bar. Sleeping around like teenagers with everyone. Like a dream come true right. Yes that’s the general idea(GENERAL IDEA).
    Ted Mosby is the protagonist looking for his love in this world. It is easy for couple like Lily and Marshal who fell in love in their college, but as we grow up girls like Robin Scherbatsky are not easily available. It takes a whole life to score a perfect girl. Yeah every one of us was disappointed in the stupid ending. But deep down in our heart we all wanted something like that to happen But just couldn’t admit that such crazy things still happen. Well at least the kids were at relief. Pheww dad please stop now…and get her back.
  2. Breaking Bad
    The father of all great shows. Yes you heard right. Hope at least now everyone agrees. Still no? Let’s have a quick recap. A school teacher turning to be a meth cooking expert to leading a secret life. For those who still haven’t watched this great show, I will give a small overview. The show is mainly about a one Mr. Walter White(a.k.a Heisenberg), crystal methylamine, and lung cancer. A struggling chemistry teacher gets into business with a teenager  junkie Jesse Pinkman making the purest ever crystal, the blue meth. The cancer comes and goes like multiple times during the show but the thug life, Mexico crime life and amidst all this, a family man; is something most people would dearly exchange with their precious time.
  3. Supernatural
    The biggest and longest ever successfully running fantasy horror show. The Winchester brothers setting on the path showed by their dad to avenge the death of their mother. It all started with a yellow eyed demon. And then came more demons, spirits, angels, leviathans, Satan himself and like hundred more new species of non-human existence.
    It was pretty cool to hunt along Sam and Dean and exorcising all the angry spirits. Torching them with the salt and holy water. The brotherly bond, their fights, rising from the dead again and again, making new friends was the new high. Working with some important figures like Bobby, Castiel and many more. Although the show started great, it got low at some points. Even dragged few episodes. But then producers would come up with a new creature and again millions of viewers. But the show must go on and has been renewed for the season 11.
  4. Suits

Many of you might not heard of this show. But it is a gem among the corporate legal society.
Aspiring Harvard student and a college dropout, who got into trouble and couldn’t make a lawyer, successfully impresses the man behind the New York’s finest law firm. HARVEY SPECTOR the greatest closer in city(being a non-lawyer himself) and his style. Many of my friends here must have had huge crush on him. On the other side the born genius Mike with his crazy photographic memory is also brilliant. He makes a hottie like Megan Sparkle or as we know her Rachel fall in love with him. Truly adorable couple. The show features many legal cases and how they are handled The life of a successful legal team. As there is a center element of laughter in every show, we have Lois Litt. His way too irritating nature and attitude of supremacy makes the show a must watch
No one is born great…they had to strive hard to get there.

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The walking dead
Most of us must have come across this show at some point. A zombie apocalypse or a life in a zombie land. This is the show which actually inspired real world for such hypothetical situations It shows the chain of events after the spread of some unknown virus causing the dead to rise again. The sheriff Rick Grimes also rises in the first episode (in some hospital. He manages to get to his home. Learning all about the situation starting with finding his family. making new friends and  becoming a team leader. Coming across the different groups. Including both the greedy and nice ones. But the best            days were when the group sheltered in a prison. Yes the most protected place even then. It all seemed too organized .Every one of us must have imagined getting a rifle. And just practice headshots on the walkers standing behind the fence.

6.Doctor Who
This is probably the oldest running show till date. 52 years and still counting. Doctors may come and regenerate. But the show is still running large. This show is purely sci-fi and many of you won’t find it happening. But we get addicted to it once we enter the tardis. The doctor (here everything is in the name which is still a mystery after all these years) travels around different planets with his companion (generally a human). Coming across different alien species. With special interest in humans on planet Earth. Even falling in love with them. Fighting evil like Dalek, Cybermen. Trust me guys. If you wanna try something new, just watch the season 1  of the new series(2005) and complete it somehow and you will not stop before you complete till the date season.

7  Game of thrones

Sorry Friends. For keeping this at the end. This is the latest trending show among the fans with such high IMDB rating of 9.5. It needs no introduction. HBO creation, a fantasy drama show adapted from the novel series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R. R. Martin set among the seven kingdoms of Westeros and the times where the Iron chair was worth having wars twice the magnitude of world wars. It starts with a great threat to mankind rising in the north- The white walkers. With the coming seasons the show diverged from the main theme of the novel. It features the big families of Lannisters and Starks.

With the king asking Ned Stark to be his HAND, the Starks leave their territory and head towards the capital. Ned learns about the dark secrets about the Lannisters and the mysterious death of the previous Hand of the king. The king dying in a hunting game, the battle of becoming the new king, Ned is being punished to death by the new king (arrogant little prince of the Queen mother) in the name of treachery against the throne. The battles are pretty common in the show and so is the nudity. Yes friends it is a bare it all show. But the show is not all about the 3ex scenes, the thirst gets on with The Mother of the Dragon when our lovely friend Daenerys Targaryen is rising with huge power with her army heading towards the Iron Throne. We all are eagerly waiting for season 6 which will be airing world-wide from April 24,2016.

A fun fact for all the fans – The copyrights were sold to HBO by the publishers on successfully answering the question, ”Who was  the mother of Jon Snow” which might be revealed to the audience in the upcoming seasons.

Be the Crazy Lazy person like me and live life in style.


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