Sony Super Dancer 20th Nov 2016 22nd Episode News Written Updates

Sony Super Dancer 20th Nov 2016 22nd Episode News Written Updates: Super Dancer is best dancing reality television series of India. It is aired only on Sony Entertainment Television on 8PM at Saturday and Sunday. The show was first aired on September 10, 2016. The producers of the series are Ranjeet Thakur and Hemant Ruprell. The complete name of the show is Super Dancer-Dance Ka Kal. This is the one of the best shows who is also working to complete the dreams of many other children. The show is a great inspiration for those who want to do something new and entertaining in their lives. You must watch the episode 22 of Super Dancer 20 Nov 16.

Sony Super Dancer 20th Nov 2016 22nd Episode News Written Updates

Sony Super Dancer 20th Nov 2016 22nd Episode News Written Updates

If you missed last episode of Super Dancer, you should watch Super Dancer Episode 22, November 20. 2016. Super Dancer is going to give another wonderful episode from its stage. Sony TV is getting nice TRP because it has Super Dancer as its best show. Sony Entertainment Television did great to broadcast Super Dancer on its channel. The contestants of Super Dancer are amazing and they all are ready to set a new mile stone in episode 22 of Super Dancer.

Super Dancer is one of the most entertaining shows of India which also gives nice lessons to our children and encourages them to do something different in their lives. The show also helps the children to understand the benefit of supportive and healthy environment. It is the best thing for our society if children learn such a good things from Super Dancer. Production houses and directors should make more such shows. If you love your children and want to give them something entertaining, interesting and full of morals then you should advise them to watch Super Dancer. If you are not available at the time of the show you must stay tune with us for latest written updates of Super Dance November 20, Episode 22.

The last episode of the show was very amazing and entertaining. If you have missed the show you can read about it on our site.

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Let’s have a look on the performances of last episode.

Dr. Gulati visited Super Dancer in last episode. He flirted with Geeta Maa and the very beautiful Shilpa Shetty. He tried to speak the famous dialogue of Sunil Shetty from Dhadkan movie but he forgot. Palak also visited the show in the character of Bumper. Dr. Gulati called her Dance ka hafta. Palak also made fun of Dr. Gulati. She invited to Anurag Sir in her marriage but as a Halwai (sweet maker). We are bringing latest updates of Super Dancer for you.

Both of the hosts of Super Dancer also made fun on the stage. Now we should talk about the performances of the contestants. Let\u2019s have a look at the dance of all the contestants.

  1. Sidhant and Shyam: The young and talented boy of Aurangabad Sidhant visited to on the stage with his very talented teacher Shyam appered in the role of Inspector and Sidhant as Lakhan. The theme of their dance was based on the hit move Ram Lakhan. Their dancing style was Bollywood Freestyle. They went to perform on the very famous song \u2018Mera Naam Hai Lakhan. Their performance was very entertaining and funny. Vaibhav played the role of widow mother of Ram and Lakhan. The act was superb. Judges enjoyed the act. Videos of best performances of Super Dancer also available.
  2. Laxman and Paul: The second performance came from the pair of Laxman and Pual. Laxman played the role of Mahmood and his teacher Paul appeared in the role of Kishore Kumar. They decided to perform on Ek Chatur Naar. Their dancing style was Bollywood Freestyle. Their performance was too funny. They made a lot of laugh to the audience and judges. Everyone in the show gave a standing ovation to them. Judges were looking happy with their performance. Shilpa said that she is the fan of Paul’s choreography.

But the funny moment still was remaining. Dr. Gulati and Palak visited on the stage to do the same performance. But they went back after making fun. You can download funny videos of Super dancer.

  1. Ashish and Lipsa: The third performance was given Ashish and his beautiful teacher Lipsa. They went to stage with Ankhon Ki Khustakhiyan and gave a spell bounded performance. Their dancing style was Lyrical Hip Hop. The performance was outstanding. Every person in the show cheered for them along with the judges. All the judges made positive comments to the performance. Ashish made cry to her mom with her performance. Stay tune with us for latest updates of Super Dancer.
  2. Yogesh and Vaibha: The third contestant who visited on the stage that was Yogesh with his outstanding coach Vaibhav. They started to perform on famous song of Jitu Sir Naino Me Sapna Yogesh played the role of Sridevi and Vaibhav appeared in the role of Jitendra. Their dancing style was Bollywood Freestyle. Yogesh was looking so funny in the role of Sridevi. Their performance made a lot of laugh to all of the judges and audience. Judges appreciated their performance. The performance was outstanding and full of entertainment. All the videos of Super Dancer are available online. You can watch and enjoy with HD videos of Super Dancer 20 Nov 2016.
  3. Ditya and Ruel: The fifth and the last performance came from Ditya and his very talented teacher ruel. They performed on Tumko Paya Hai To. Their dancing style was waltz. Ditya was looking so beautiful. Her expressions were so lovely and romantic. They gave an outstanding performance and received round of applause on every step. Judges was happy with their performance. All the three judges made very positive comments. The performance was very romantic and choreographed very beautifully. You can also download videos of Super Dancer to enjoy the show.

This episode 22 of Super Dancer was another outstanding show. The show is giving new dreams to the children. We can expect best episodes from Super Dance. We will also provide you info about Hd videos of Super Dancer Episode 22.

We tried our best to bring the best of the information. If we had done something wrong, please mention that in the comment box below. Thank you for visiting our site. Stay tune with us for more updates about Super Dancer 20 November 2016. You must download mp4 videos of Super Dancer November 20, 2016 Episode 22.

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