Best New Ideas To Decorate Christmas Trees

Best New Ideas To Decorate Christmas Trees :ecorating the Christmas treeusing candles and Christmas lights is what everyone does.

Best New Ideas To Decorate Christmas Trees

Here we share a couple of ideas to make your Christmas tree look stunning this year.

1.Decorate with food Go the traditional way and decorate the Christmas tree using edibles such as apples, nuts, chocolates, and other food items.

We are sure, this would make any foodie drool!

2.Decorate with colorful pom-poms Get creative and use colourful pom poms to decorate your Christmas tree.

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Alternately, you can also use colourful woolen balls to decorate the tree.

3.Decorate using pine cones Incase you are short of space or are battling the money crunch, then we have a simple yet cost-effective Christmas tree idea for you.

A small desk top Christmas tree can be made using a pine cone and colouring it all green.

Place it on a small pot, decorate the pine cone by placing colourful beads on the leaves and place a star at the tree top.

Your Christmas tree is ready!

4.Using shells Get beach-inspired by decorating your Christmas tree using pretty shells of all sizes, shapes and colours.

You can place lights beneath the shells to make them glow in the dark.

5.With flowers If you like experimenting then go all floral and decorate your tree using only flowers this year.

And, it is eco friendly too.

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