Navratri 2015 : Navratri 17th October 2015 Fifth Day Puja timings Fasting Vrat Food & Colors

Happy Navratri Jai Mata Di Devi Wishes Animated Images Wallpapers 3Navratri 17th October 2015 Fifth Day Puja timings & Colors :

We all Know 17th October 2015 , Saturday is going to be a fifth day of Navratri,  it has been started from 13th October 2015 , Tuesday. Kanjak or Ashtami will take place at 21st October 2015 ( Wednesday ) , Kanjak or Navmi at 22nd October 2015 ( Thursday ) , Dashmi at 23rd October 2015 ( Friday ). Navratri is celebrated in all states of India , especially in North India like Ahmadabad , Gujarat etc.

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Navratri 17th October 2015 Fifth Day Puja & Colors

17th October 2015 ( Saturday ) – Chaturthi – Kushmanda Puja  , Upang Laliya vrat

Navratri Color of the day – Grey

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16th October 2015 ( Friday ) – Tritiya – Chandraghanta Puja

Navratri color of the day – Green

15th October 2015 ( Thursday )Dwitya – Brahmachari Puja

Navratri color of the day – Yellow

14th October 2015 ( Wednesday )PratipadaChandra Darshan

Navratri color of the day – “ Royal Blue “.

13th October 2015 , Tuesday –  “ Gathasthapana Shailputri Puja “ , ( First Day Of Navratri October 2015 ).

Navratri Color of the day  – “ Red “ .

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Navratri has been started  from 13th October 2015 , Tuesday. Therefore , fast will also start from 13th October 2015 ( Pratipata – First Day of Navratri ). Some people continue their fast till Ashtami ( Kanjak Puja on Navmi ) and some people continue till saptami ( Kanjak Puja on Ashtami ). Those who cannot continue their fast all days of Navratri , they can also go for fast in pairs that means fasting in pairs ( two consecutive days , it may be first two starting days or last two days ).

Navratri 2015 Fasting Vrat Food

The list of food items you can eat during these fasts of navratri using sendha namak.

  1. Vrat Wale Aaloo
  2. Jeera Aaloo
  3. Kaddu Ki sabzi
  4. Arbi Ki Sabzi
  5. Palak Ki Sabzi
  6. Fruit Salad
  7. Kuttu ke aate ki Roti
  8. Singhare Ke ate Ki Roti
  9. Kuttu ke Pakode
  10. Aaloo Tamatar Sabzi
  11. Vrat Ke Uttapam
  12. Sabudana Tikki
  13. Vrat wale Rice
  14. Aaloo Paneer
  15. Sabudane Ki Kheer
  16. Sabudane k Pakode
  17. Banana Walnut Lassi
  18. Vrat Wale Chawal Ka Dhokla
  19. Chironji Ki Daal
  20. Palak Pakoda
  21. Arbi Cutlet
  22. Aaloo Chaat
  23. Vrat Ka Uttpam

While Making these recipes always use Sendha Namak in Navratri and be careful , never use onion and garlic in your vrat food.

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