Infosys Mysore Training Course Subjects Languages Syllabus



Few months back you get a news in the media that Infosys has changed its Course, study material and even whole structure of Training. Earlier in Mysore training, Infosys used to teach Java in their training but now they are focusing on Python instead of java. Python is more easy and interesting than Java and even Python is more useful and good to understand concepts of Object Oriented Programming. So in this post I am going to tell you about the new structure of Infosys Training in Mysore campus.

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Stream Training :

Now Infosys Training is divided into two levels. First Level is Generic which is common for all and other is Stream which is technology focused. Generic Training is of 41 working days and Stream Training is of 47 working days. In Stream training, there are four levels again which is called Focus Areas (FA). Syllabus of FA depends upon technology and it varies stream to stream. There are around 11 streams which you get here. Selection of Stream is independent of any record and it is purely random. Some people say it depends on performance and some says it depends on employee serial number but it is pure random. Anyone can get any stream after you completed Generic.

Infosys Mysore Training Course Subjects Languages Syllabus

Generic Training :

Generic training is of 41 working days and it is also divided into 3 FA’s. Course of 3 FA’s are:

FA-1       Python

Object Oriented Programming

Data structures

FA- 2      DBMS

Operating System

Software Engineering

FA:-3      Group Project

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After every FA, there is an exam which is divided in two sections. One is Hands-on in which you have to write code and other section is Objective based in which you have to answer 33 Questions in 90 minutes which has tricky questions in it and yes it also has negative marking.

Over all you need to score 65% to clear individual Focus Areas.

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  1. Nice post.. I wanted to know whether they have completely omitted JAVA or still some topics are taught?? And, is RDBMS tough? Plz do reply.

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