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Splitsvilla 8 is now at the verge of ending and it enters into its finale. Next episode will be the Splitsvilla 8 finale. Splitsvilla 8  November 7 Episode is the semi finale of Splitsvilla and this episode has many twist and turns in it.  As you know we have two queens in the villa now who are Sana and Anuki.  Initially there are some problems in the relationship of Yash and Sofia, Yash believed that Sofia is coming more close to Utkarsh rather than him and then they fight a lot on many things. In the last they decided not to play with each other in the next task which made them to leave the show.  So both Yash and Sofia leave the show without knowing the task.

Splitsvilla 8 November 7 Full Episode Video :

Now both queens have the power to save two partners with whom they want to play the finale. Sana choses Utkarsh and Anuki choses Prince as their partner and they both enters in the finale with their partners. Now Ishaan- Subuhi and Zaan- Karishma have to compete with each other to get themselves into the finale. It was an underwater task and Subuhi is hydrophobic, so it was very difficult for her to perform this task. Both teams had to come themselves out from a cage which was fixed under a water by cutting a rope with a blunded knife. Task went very and it was very tiring for both the teams but finally Zaan- Karishma manages to beat the Ishaan-Subuhi again. Subuhi and Ishaan again lost a task which proved that they can just speak and fight but it is about task, they are very weak in front of Zaan. Zaan individually beat Ishaan third time in this show.  You can watch the Splitsvilla 8 November 7 Full Episode Here

Splitsvilla 8 Finale Jodi are:

Prince- Anuki

Karishma- Zaan

Sana- Utkarsh

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