Fitness tips – Every morning you must do these 4 stretches

Fitness tips – Every morning you must do these 4 stretches :ow finally, you have a legit reason to stay in bed a tad bit longer.

Fitness tips – Every morning you must do these 4 stretches

And no, you won\’t be branded lazy for it! Experts say that stretching your body gently post waking up, helps deal with the sluggish early-morning feeling, and also give relief to your aching and tight muscles.

Do the following stretching exercises, before you kick-start your day.

Sit in Padmasan or with your legs crossed in the lotus position.

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As you stretch out your hands in front of you, slowly link and interlace fingers.

Your palm should be facing outwards.

Stretch your arms out as far and then slowly extend your arms up above your head.

Keep your fingers interlaced all the time as you stretch.

Then, slowly (from your waist) bend towards your right as far as you can, come back straight up and then bend towards your left.

Lie down on your back.

Now, raise your leg and bring one knee towards your stomach and hold it with your opposite hand.

Next, gently twist your spine as you pull your knee towards the floor across your body.

You don\’t need to touch the floor with your knee.

The key is to keep both your shoulders on the floor as you stretch and twist your spine.

Once back to the starting position, you can do the opposite side.

Sit with your legs crossed and place both hands behind you with palms flat on the floor and fingers pointing outwards.

Shift your weight to your hands as you slowly let your head fall back.

Apply pressure on your palms as you lift off your body and butt off the floor, and you slowly bring your chest and hips towards the ceiling.

Pause for a few seconds, go back to the starting position and repeat.

Stand straight and inhale as you reach your arms high up over your head.

Stretch your arms up as you gradually stand on your toes.

Feel your entire body stretching.

Exhale and return to the standing position.

Now slowly bend forward and touch your toes.

Feel every bone in your spine bend one after the other slowly.

Avoid bending your knees.

You can feel your entire torso stretch, beginning from your neck, to upper back, middle back, lower back, hamstrings, feet, shoulders and hands.

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