Lakme Liquid Eyeliner Price In Rupees

I have been using black liquid liner for the past ten years or so and I am quite an expert at it honestly. My neighbours, colleagues and friends ask me to do a live demo for them each time I apply a liner and I think the trick is that I always wing it. I can’t imagine an eyeliner without wing even though I have kind of long and droopy eyes, but still, I think I started out with winged liquid liners and have been stuck with it.  So, recently, I couldn’t resist picking up this absolute black liner and the insta liner classic all over again. I also picked up Lakme Enrich Satin 134 and the Rose Crush lipstick since I have been using neutral colors a lot lately.

Lakme, the brand that most Indians trust for years, has launched several eyeliners in diverse price range and quality to satisfy the varied requirement of their customers. From regular use eyeliners to party ones, you will find loads of variety in the market to select from as per budget, convenience and occasion. In this post I am going to give you review of Lakme Absolute Shine.

Lakme Liquid Eyeliner Price In Rupees

Lakme liquid eyeliner is not very costly and it is available in the market. You can buy it easily from offline as well as online stores. Lakme Liquid Eyeliner price in rupees is only Rs. 300.

Price: Rs. 300

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For those who love to experiment and try different shades to add more intensity to their eyes, Lakme Absolute Shine is the right choice to opt for. Having shiny particles in diverse shades of your choice, such as golden, silver, blue, olive, brown, smoke grey and more, this eyeliner is certainly a party delight to have.

Remember those eye liners in the same packaging in green, olive, bronze, grey, and black? These are a notch up but almost same, in the new Absolute line. I remember Shopper’s Stop had four colors, olive, grey, black, and I think bronze. By the way, Uniliver always sends their new releases to SS, so if you are keen to try on Lakme, Shopper’s Stop is the best place.

This liner had an appeal, the whole packaging, the black matte finish, the brush and the price too. I mainly picked it up for the brush and the packaging.

It dries faster than the Lakme Insta Liner and other liners from Lakme, I forgot their names.  The liner itself is nothing great.  You might have seen many black liners like this, but the whole deal is great and tempting, I don’t know why, especially the brush.

Here are some points I liked about this liner.  The brush is a one-stroke kind of brush. I have never ever used a better thinner brush for a liquid liner than this one. Its plastic, but its taut, not felt or bendable, but taut plastic bristles. I loved how thin it is as you can work in a couple of seconds with this one, an absolute delight.


Then, I also liked how matte it goes.  I like how grey matte it looks and also how oil absorbing it can be. The slim packaging and the shiny mirror finish is gorgeous too.  Again, the long handle to the brush is very easy for newcomers to use too, in fact, much better than the Lakme Insta Liner’s short, stubby, brush handle.

The liner does not wash away so easily as the insta liner does, but still when you use a non-oil base remover, it would come off easily. So, it’s a no-fuss liner for me.

Some things I don’t like about this liner is that it does not look so black and it cracks too after it dries and may fade over the day.  So, don’t count on this as your long-stay makeup or liner because it is too light for staying put whole day long.


Overall, I am floored by the easy to use brush. I honestly want girls who are new to liquid liners to buy this for the ease of brush. Otherwise, it cracks, fades, and is not jet black, but grey black.  Overall, I think I will buy it again for the thin line finish it gives and for the perfect brush.

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