Nivea Lip Balm For Dark Lips

Dark Lips or Chapped Lips is the problem of every single person in winters and some people face this problem even in summers also. Lip balms are the best solution for this. Some people think it is for girls only but it is for both girls and boys. Most of the lip balm are not glossy which can be used for both guys and girls but there are some glossy lip balms which suits only to girls.

Nivea Lip Balm For Dark Lips

There are many lip balms available for dark lips in market. It is very difficult to select the right one else it will damage your lips more. Today in this article I am going to write about the Nivea Lip balm for Dark Lips. Lets see what are the pros and cons of this Nivea lip balm.

Nivea lip balm is what I recommend as the first choice if you are suffering from chapped lips or dark lips. Nivea lip balm has a unique Hydra IQ technology which will hydrate your lips with its moisturizing content and gives you smooth and juicy lips. It makes not only feel good but also makes look good because of its shinny look. This Nivea lip balm is for both men and women as it doesn’t have any glossy look.

It has moisture store formula with UVB protection with SPF technology. It keeps your lips moisturized for long time. It has good fruity smell as well which doesn’t last for long but you will get easily get till 1 hour after applying. Here are few pros and cons which you should read and after that you can conclude whether this Nivea lip balm is for you or not?

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Pros of Nivea Lip Balm:

  • Easy to Apply. Stick will not come out with more use as they used better holding technique unlike other brands.
  • It smells very good. You can easily smell fruity smell of it which is very good.
  • It also gives shine to your lips.
  • Moisturizing content is very high, it will not let your lips dry for a long time.
  • The cherry lip balm actually looks like a reddish maroon lipstick and when it is applied it gives a soft shade of the same as well.

Cons of Nivea Lip Balm: 

  • Doesn’t have much shades
  • Color doesn’t stay for longer time.


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