What is the right time to leave Infosys?

If you are an infoscion and joined as a fresher in your first company as a System Engineer Trainee, then you must be thinking what will be the best time to leave this company and switch to it.
First of all, I want to tell you first you decide what is your priority and what your future desires. I will consider all the different cases which can be part of your life and tell you the best solution according to them. Let’s look into it:

  • If you want to go onsite ( US, UK or any other country) then Infosys is the best company. I am telling you, you should just look for a perfect project in which you can get this opportunity. Most of the clients of Infosys are from US or UK so there are a number of opportunities for you if you want to go onsite. As a second largest IT company of India, Infosys has the potential to send you onsite even in the recession or in case of Trump’s new rule and policies. Where other companies have stopped sending their employees onsite, Infosys is still sending employees to US or UK in some projects. So better be in Infosys for first 5 years in Infosys if Onsite is your desire.
  • If Onsite is not your desire, maybe more salary in India is what you want then after 2 years of experience is the right time to look for a switch. As before 2 years, you will not be treated as an experienced guy and you just treated as a fresher. So just don’t waste your time for looking a job before 2 years( you may get but chances are less) instead put your whole focus on learning. After 2 years your learning will lead to your suitable job.
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  • If getting a government job is your desire then you must consider Infosys as your temporary house. You are here till the time you don’t get select in a Government job. You just need to find a project in which you will not get much work ( you can easily find that kind of project). You can stay here as much as you want if you are looking for a government job.
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