112- Single Emergency number for India Like 911 in USA.



India will soon have their own single centralized emergency number. What does mean by emergency number, India already have emergency number? It means now you don’t have to remember all emergency number because soon Indian govt. is going to centralized all number. Number is 112.

112 – Single Emergency Number

Right now there are many emergency numbers like 100 for police, 101 for fire brigade, 102 for ambulance,108 for disaster management. There are other state wise helpline number also which will also be included in this centralized emergency number like 1096 – for women security, 1031 – anti corruption branch in Delhi. All these numbers will be replaced with only single number that is 112 .

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Benefits of 112

You can be benefitted with this number in a number of ways. You don’t have to remember which number is for which service. You just have to dial 112 and you will be connected to a person sitting at the other end of the phone. This process also saves a lot of time and govt. is planning to make it as fast as possible so that it will benefit people.

This number can be dialed from mobile as well as landlines. This number can be dialed from those devices also from which outgoing facility has been barred or temporarily not available. Users will also be able to make communication through SMS and the responding system will detect location of the caller and share it with the nearest help center. The service will be operated in call center-like facility and representatives will be able to provide support in Hindi, English, and other local languages.

So, it is a good initiative by the Indian govt. and it will launched soon within few months not few years.

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