April Fools’ Day 2018 : Reliance Pushes Humor With #JioJuice


April Fools’ Day 2018: Reliance Pushes Humor With #JioJuice: It is that time of the year when even the tech world goes overboard with April Fools’ Day pranks. Every year geniuses at top tech companies, thanks to their creative juices, come up with the coolest and weirdest ideas and innovations. Let’s us dive in and see what the boldest brand in India i.e. Reliance Jio have for us this year.

Reliance Jio’s #JioJuice

Reliance Jio, known for offering tempting data pack to its consumers, took everyone by surprise with the announcement of JioJuice, an innovative technology that would provide wireless charging to your phone.

According to the video posted by Jio, JioJuice charges the phone just by inserting the Jio SIM using wireless Jio network. This creates a wireless electromagnetic field between the transmitter and receiver that turns 4G data packets into energy packet to charge the phone.


“Time to say goodbye to chargers and heavy power banks. Introducing JioJuice,” the Twitter handle of Reliance Jio said.

The announcement of JioJuice was made through a series of Twitter & Facebook posts and one JioJuice promotional video that was pushed via YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. This received all sorts of reactions with many calling it a revolutionary innovation while others shrugged it off as just a prank around April Fools day.

With this, Jio becomes the first Indian brand to pull off such a prank by building a hype around Jio Juice. This proves that tech companies are not boring, they have a great sense of humour. Also, #JioJuice might just be the best April Fool’s prank of 2018 for its lovely consumers.

The announcement came just after the company extended its Prime offer for another year until March 2019.

How Reliance Jio built up the hype for #JioJuice?

On 29th March, the first tweet went live saying “Your digital life will never get interrupted again. #JioJuice Coming Soon.” However, it was not clear what the product was

On 30th March, Jio hinted that this might be some battery management app or a power bank by tweeting “Is this you when your phone loses power? #JioJuice Coming Soon.”

On 31st March, Jio posted a video on how you can charge the phone from your SIM Card. Many employees of Jio were featured in the video to make it look more genuine.

And finally on 1st April declared it was a prank.

Since the very beginning, there has been a multitude of myths and rumours around Reliance Jio. The company leveraged this fact to their benefit by pulling off an April Fools Day Prank by the announcement of JioJuice.

And finally, Jio proved that it is the boldest brand in India and #JioJuice is a good prank. Also, JioPrime extension is for real. Thank you Jio for extending Prime benefits for one more year 🙂


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