Club Cabana Ticket Price In Goa

You must be planning to go on a trip to Goa (dream of every party animal in India), which beings you here in this post. This post is about one of the best or may be the best club in Goa. If you love party and want to be a part of pub which has energy at its peak then Club Cabana is the only option for you, don’t think of any other club.

Club Cubana is located in North Goa amidst a hillock in Arpora, it is one of the most popular night clubs in the region. The club is not open all-year round, only from October to April, during the remaining months, they are closed. The location of the club upon a hillock provides one with breathtaking views of Goa.

Club Cabana Ticket Price:

There are two seasons: Peak season and Non-peak Season.

Peak Season (December-January –February): During this season, entry for female is free, only male has to pay around Rs. 1500. Only females and couple entries are free. Stags are allowed but only if they have couples with them.

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Non-peak Season: During the season rest of the rules will be same, only the price is little bit less. You may have to pay around Rs. 1000 – 1200.

In this, you will get unlimited drinks and place to dance. If you want to eat some food, for that you need to pay extra. Even in drinks, you will get only selected options. There is a different bar inside where you will get other drinks by paying more.

Club Cabana Ambience:

There are different sections inside. One section is pool side, where you can sit in pool or even can go inside it if you want. Next to it, you will get a food counter where you can buy food. Mostly you will get pizza, pasta and other snacks items. This place is not for food, I don’t prefer you to eat food here as it is costly and not good at all. You can easily watch couple making out over there near the pool side. What is more romantic than making out in pool under the open sky with one hand holding a whisky and other hand in your partner’s t-shirt.

Other section is a paid bar counter where you will see less crowd as you already paid a lot and you don’t want pay more.

Third section is free bar counter where you will see most of the crowd fighting for drinks. There are sofa, tables, chairs, different types of sitting arrange where you can enjoy your drink with the loud music. Live performances will be there where you can see international dancers dancing with the fire and different props.

Fourth section is dance floor which is a closed section where you will get all disco lights with loud music inside. Music is not that much loud and dj will play only English songs as Club Cabana has more foreign crowd than Indian crowd. This section has separate floor for ladies where ladies can dance freely if they don’t want to dance in the crowd with lots of male in it.

You can get the 3d view of Ambience here

Place is secure for ladies as there are many bouncers roaming in the crowd. They are very strict with timing. They will throw you out and they will make sure, place will be vacant at before 3.30 A.M


  • Energetic crowd with lots of foreigners.
  • Club open till 3.30 A.M
  • Pool section
  • Great ambience


  • Food is not good
  • Music is not that much loud
  • If you don’t like English songs, then this place is not for you.
  • If you don’t drink, there are only fruit juices and coke for you.

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