Delhi Government 109 Mohalla Clinics Details

This week on 14th February, AAP completed two years as Delhi Government and on this occasion all ministers of Delhi Government is giving report card of their achievements in all interviews, public meetings, etc.

Delhi government has done a lot of things in these two years and one of the major achievement is Mohalla clinic, which is an innovative initiative and people across the globe are talking about this initiative.

Mohalla Clinic is the local modern clinic which has the facility to do 212 tests. It will take care of small health problems. Here you will get all medicines, tests, consultation free of cost. You don’t have to pay single rupee here and you will get world class facility here.

Delhi Government has announced to open 1000 mohalla clinics by December 2016 but they are not able to open it as they didn’t get approval from L-G but now Health Minister is saying they will make it by August 2017 because new L-G has come in December and he is reviewing again the policy.

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Delhi Government 109 Mohalla Clinics Details:

Delhi Government has already opened 109 mohalla clinics in Delhi but rest will soon be available within 4 months according to Satyendra Jain, Delhi Health Minister. Recently New L-G Anil Baijal has given the approval for 300 mohalla clinics in government schools so that it will also help students to keep themselves healthy. Although LG has also directed the government to take care of the concern in which students health can affected as patients will come there for treatment.

Here is the list of all 109 Mohalla Clinics:

Few months back, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi introduced an automatic medicine dispenser on a pilot basis. The dispenser, which works on sensor technology, will make the clinics more efficient and ensure transparency, said government officials. The dispenser can hold up to 60-70 types of medicines, including syrups.

“The introduction of the medicine vending machine gives confidence to the patient. It also makes the process more transparent. The patient is getting medicines through the machine which means it’s coming from the correct source,” said Rishi Bal, a doctor at the Todapur mohalla clinic, which has a pharmacy.

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