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Infosys has two DC in Hyderabad, one is Infosys STP and other is Infosys SEZ. Infosys STP is in hi-tech city and SEZ is in Pocharam village. In this post I will tell you about Infosys SEZ because if you are new in Infosys, then you will be likely to transfer in Infosys SEZ.

Infosys SEZ is one of the biggest DC of Infosys(bigger than Mysore DC) i.e 447 acres but most of the land are under construction. Infosys SEZ Hyderabad has 14 buildings and it is beautifully designed like all other DC’s of Infosys. Hyderabad climate will be hot like hell. If you are from north India then there will be problem for you related to climate. Infosys SEZ is almost around 30 kilometers far away from the city and all you have forest around the campus. For accommodation, you can live in Singapore township which is only 0.5 km away from the campus and there are 2bhk/3bhk are available at very affordable rates. You will get 3bhk at price of 16-18 thousand rupees. But the problem is, you have to work hard to get the accommodation, because right now trainees are coming in large number so there is fight going between trainees to get accommodation, so you will need to work hard to get accommodation as there are only 2048 houses in Singapore Township. Apart from this society, there are 1 or 2 more societies which you can refer for accommodation.

In these apartments, they will give you bed Almirah, tv, fridge, geyser, washing machine, gas connection in furnished flats. There are water vendors who will supply you 25 litre tanker of water which is the main source of drinking water. In DC, there is a RC area where you can play almost every game like table tennis, squash , badminton , bowling, cricket, football, chess, foos-ball,etc.

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There are two food courts in Hyderabad DC and each food court has 4-6 vendors and food is better than Mysore DC according to my experience (P.S: I am from North India). For North India food, you can refer BY THE WAY outlet which serves live food in lunch which is quite better than other food services.

Apart from this, you will have a lot of places to visit in Hyderabad. It will take almost 2 3 months if you will go to Hyderabad visit on every weekend. Hope you will like Hyderabad DC.

All the best for your future.

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