When will Infosys send offer letter

You got selected in Infosys Interview through on campus placement or off campus placements which brings you here in this post. You may selected few months back but still you are waiting for your offer letter. It can also be the case that your friends got offer letter but you are still waiting for your offer letter, then this post is the most informative post for you.

When will Infosys send offer letter

Infosys sent offer letters in batches. It sends offer letter to few students from every college which is selected on random basis, different people give different reasons for selection but it is pure randomly. Infosys selects more than 10,000 students every year and they have to send offer letter to every students, thats why it takes so much time. But all students will get their offer letter till January and there will be no joining after January for that year generally but there can be exception for the month of February sometimes.

First set of offer letters released in May, and then subsequently every there are 2 or 3 batches which Joined Infosys Mysore campus where you will get all facilities. You can see the list of things need to carry in Infosys Mysore Campus.

Dont get upset if you will not get letter in first or second batch. You will definitely get offer letter in the same year. Infosys ususally sends offer letter 40-50 days before the joining. So, you will get enough time to do all kind of preparations. Till the time you don’t get offer letter, don’t sit idle. As Infosys has changed the syllabus for training, now you can learn python for better understanding during training. Get here all details of Infosys new Syllabus.

So best of luck for your future and don’t take tension you will get your offer letter soon.

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  1. Hello,
    I got my intent letter on 27 April,2017 and then after I haven’t received any information. Can I get the info when would be the date of joining for 2017 pass-outs

    • you will definitely get your offer letter with the date but no one knows the date until it will come to you. So I can say just have patience and till then learn Python.

  2. Attended interview for experienced on 23rd September 2017. Cleared both technical and hr on same day. When will i get the offer letter?

    • Attended interview for experienced on 23rd September 2017. Cleared both technical and hr on same day. When will i get the offer letter?

      I had asked Talent Acquisition team 2 week before they told me we are looking into your case.still i did not get offer letter.
      i did not get till offer letter

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