Delhi Govt. Has Launched Call 102 App With 110 New Ambulances


Manish Sisodia and Satyendra Jain has inaugurated “Call 102 app” application for residents of Delhi. Now 55 more Ambulances are added into previous Ambulances to improve health system of Delhi. On 3rd of July, at Connaught Place, Manish and Sisodia in the presence of many MLA’s has launched this application and these ambulance services.

According to Manish, 55 more Ambulance will be added to this very soon which will make a total of 110 Ambulances. Among these Ambulances, 100 are normal life-saving Ambulances and 10 are advance life-saving ambulances. You can call an Ambulance by dialing 102 or by using “Call 102 app” application.

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You can track the location of the Ambulance with exact co-ordinates in the application. These Ambulances are provided with dedicated tablet through which Ambulance can reach the patient location with no wastage of time. Ambulance has all the basic facilities which are required in an Ambulance.

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Few days back, Manish has also started a control room in Laxmi Nagar to keep track of all ambulance and to provide information to patients about the status of Ambulance. This control room will give advance information to hospital about the patient so that hospital can arrange things in advance. Control room can handle 5000 distress call daily and it is enough for now according to Manish.

Manish has also told that, from 4th July onwards person who will block the way of Ambulance will be penalized with 2000 rupees and for this Ambulances are powered with camera at the front. This is the new initiative taken by Delhi Government and it is expected to improvised Health system of Delhi.

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