Dance Plus + 2 Top 12 10 July 2016 Episode Video Updates

Dance Plus + 2 Top 12 10 July 2016 Episode Video Updates: The dancing reality show Dance plus, the name is enough for the dancing lovers as the show bring them a massive entertainment and the show is going on rocking since last year with its first season.

Dance Plus + 2 Top 12 10 July 2016 Episode Video Updates

Now the dancing show Dance Plus is ready for its second season which brings huge entertainment for the audiences and fans. As we all aware of it that the dancing reality shows Dance Plus 2 is judge the panel judge members Remo D’souza who is the mega judge of the show.

And the mentor of the show is Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh, and Punit J Pathak and the threesome is giving their best on the show.

Dance Plus 2 is air every weekend and now audition for the contestants’ has been done. The show is already having huge limelight because of the multi-talented Remo D’Souza and he is doing a great job. His fellow panel judge members are literally wooed by him and his charisma.

Dance Plus + 2 Top 12 10 July 2016 Episode Video Updates

Last night it has been shown on the episode of the dancing reality TV show Dance Plus 2 when Dharmesh had been seen special dance tribute to the ABCD director as due he is smitten by the ace choreographer the young lad thinks to showcase him some happy steps of him which he inspired from his mentor.

So it was just a pleasure experience for Remo when he sees that Dharmesh is giving special dancing performances’ and that is especially dedicated to him. Dharmesh performed in the song “Heeye Re Main Tera Fan Hogaya” and Remo got the smile on his face with that.

Tonight in the dancing show Dance Plus 2 its mentor Remo D’souza is also all set to select the first set of the top 12! Whom 6 dancers already have been chosen on the dancing show Dance Plus 2 now its turn to remaining 6 to choose.

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