MTV Splitsvilla 9 Martina Dethrowns to save Varun 31 July 2016 Episode 11 Video Fights Updates

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Martina Dethrowns to save Varun 31 July 2016 Episode 11 Video Fights Updates: The love based reality show MTV Splitsvilla 9 has been witnessing two new Wild Card entry and they arrived in the show as Princesses including Mia Lakra and Priya and they had an epic entry in the villa. Here is the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode is going to be a too rocking.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Martina Dethrowns to save Varun 31 July 2016 Episode 11 Video Fights Updates

The game of love MTV Splitsvilla 9 has witnessed a major twist as now second queen has acquired the throne i.e. Rajnandini and she is going to have the same powers like Martina Thariyan which she will use to dump the contestants. Also two new princesses have entered the villa Mia Lakra and Priya Haridas as they tried to make connection with the likes of Karan Khanna and Nikhil Sachdeva now it will be interesting to see who will stay true to their partners.

Boys in the dumping ground went to impress queens Martina and Rajnandini one by one

Firstly Varun went to meet Martina they both had a romantic moment between them and Martina told Varun that if you get dumped then I will also leave this show immediately.

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Then Gurmeet went to meet Rajnandini she told him that if Kavya will plead in front of me than I will save you otherwise no after than both Gurmeet and Kavya enjoyed in the swimming pool.

Some problems happened between Shreeradhe and Karan Chhabra after which Shreeradhe cried a lot

Mia creates drama at the dumping ground accuses Kavya and Gurmeet of asking others whether kiss happened between her and Nikhil.


After all this happening both the queens Martina and Rajnandini came sit on their thrones

Rajnandini says in the dumping ground that I’m the evil queen here while Martina says that I am feeling powerless

Shreeradhe reveals that she had a love making moment with Karan Khanna after which Karan Chhabra cried a lot. Karan Chhabra says that he caught them kissing. Priya Haridas says that even Karan Khanna had a moment with me today. Then Karan Khanna further added that I have done that in the past with my girlfriends. Finally Shreeradhe apologized for her mistake in front of everyone.
Varun, Nikhil and Martina tried to create a rift between Karan Khanna and Karan Chhabra

Now time came for next dumping and both queens can dump one boy each.
Kavya requests to Rajnandini and she made fun of her. Then Kavya says that she is ready to do anything to save Gurmeet

Martina scolds Rajnandini for behaving in a bad manner with Gurmeet

Rajnandini says that she wants Kavya to beg in front of her after this finally Rajnandini tells Kavya to go back

Varun chooses to open Book of Fortune

Book of Fortune reads it says let the proceedings take place after which it will be turned again

Martina dumps Aditya Singh Rajput



Martina cried a lot after Varun getting dumped then Nikhil insults her saying that
I will throw you from this throne Rajnandini reached on his father Nikhil went to hit her but Rannvijay pushes him down. Then Rannvijay scolds Nikhil for behaving bad with a woman

Book of Fortune opens once again and queen Martina has to step down from her throne to save Varun

Martina Leaves Queen Throne to Save Varun


Archie, Abhishek and Gurmeet also survived in the dumping ground

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