Airtel Troll – Offering Free 4G For Rs. 1495 to Prepaid Users only

Airtel Troll – Offering Free 4G For Rs. 1495 to Prepaid Users only: Airtel just announced a new offer only for it’s prepaid users to gain back it’s customers. In it’s latest offer, Airtel offering unlimited free 4G data pack for 90 days. But to get this free 4G data pack, Airtel’s existing users have to pay just Rs. 1495/- and Airtel’s new users will get this offer for just Rs. 1494/-. Not only this, there is a terms and conditions with this offers which users are liking most and not able to resist them self to laugh on this offer.


For this offer, first users have to just Rs 1495/- to get this pack, which cost nearly around Rs. 500/- per month and new users have to pay Rs 1494/-, the first troll of this offer, why they are giving Re. 1 discount to the new users? Secondly, as offer says, contrarily users will not get unlimited data. In this pack, users will get only 30 GB of data and from that only 15 GB you will get 4G data and that too after, first using your 15 GB data of 3G. After consuming your 30 GB data, speed will reduced to 64 kbps.  In this age of high-speed internet generation, it’s like walking with the tortoise, the second troll of this offer.

Overall, users are paying Rs. 50 per GB for 4G/3G data. What we didn’t understand is, how does it correlate to the word ‘free’? and how this offer giving you ‘unlimited’ 4G data pack?

The biggest sarcasm of this offer, user will buy a pack of Rs. 1495/- but what exactly you will get after paying so much? Only 30 GB of data pack on the name of unlimited data and during this hi-tech generation, 30 GB of data can be consumed in month by anyone. How users will survive after than for next two months?

While it may seem like Airtel has brought the “hammer down” on the Ambani’s brand, truth of the matter is that with Airtel, you end up paying more up-front. Reliance Jio’s plans are based on monthly payments while Airtel requires you to cough up three month’s rent before you get the pack activated. Sounds a little like trying to find a house for rent in Bangalore. Not to mention, Relaince Jio’s offering isn’t limited to a kind of customer and neither is it region locked. Airtel is only offering the “free data” to pre-paid customers, probably because post-paid guys don’t deserve anything good in life.

If you would still like to shell out Rs 1495 for “free data” you may do so by going to Airtel’s website or just calling customer service. We should warn you though, just don’t mention to the customer care representative that you’d like to switch to the “free data pack” for Rs. 1495 as you may warrant some unwelcome laughter.

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