Farhan And Shraddha Creates Magik In Rock On 2

Rock On 2 is switched on in the theaters from 11th of November and it is the sequel of super hit movie Rock on not a remake and credit goes to Shujaat Saudagar for showcasing a new chapter in the lives of the members of ‘Magik’, the Rock band that caught our fancy eight years ago which was the first movie of Farhan Akhtar as an Actor. Rock on 2 shooting has been done in shillong which is the capital of Meghalaya, which is known to be the Rock Capital of India.Most of the shooting has been done in the natural beauty (mountains and rivers) of Shillong. Beauty of Shillong will fascinate your eyes in the big screen and will help in gaining more interest in the movie.

Farhan And Shraddha Creates Magik In Rock On 2

In Rock on 2 you will see Shraddha Kapoor also as a new entry and you will not only see but also listen her voice. Rock on 2 has 9 songs where all songs have voice of Shraddha and Farhan Akhtar but only one song “Ishq Mastana” has Shankar Mahadevan voice. Farhan Akhtar voice was already solid to support the character but Shraddha Kapoor melodious voice fills all the gaps left in the music.

Music is pleasant for ears and good enough to tap your feet. It also has snatched few songs from the first part. Lyrics are very meaningful and related to our real life things which make us to listen it again and again. It helps people to breaks all barriers of regions, genres and come together. Music has significant meaning through which people can relate their lives to it. So in the music section, movie has got full marks. This movie is not only for youth generation although it is for every generation of people as it ha drama, entertainment and mainly story line is very strong.


Rock on 2 is the music drama film which is not a common niche in Bollywood but still an interesting story to watch. Rock on 2 revolves around the lives of all the characters of first part after 5 years. All of them left singing and moved on to their personal lives. Story is about how they come back to singing and there are few twists too in the movie. At the early level you may not like the music but music grows while you watch the movie. Every character Farhan, Shraddha, Arjun, Prachi and Purab has done justice to their character. They ingests the life in their characters with their acting.

Rock On 2 is the complete package of music, drama, message and entertainment. You will feel worth spending after watching movie in the theaters.

I give 4 out of 5 rating to Rock on 2 because of its music, story line and performances of Farhan and Shraddha. Go watch this movie and share your review with us. You can give the review on Facebook  and Twitter page also.

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