Complete Details Of Jio Happy New Year Offer

Reliance Jio which is the fastest growing company in the world has now extended their free services offer till 31st of March. This is the most awaited thing which Jio users are expecting from its company. As TRAI has earlier rejected the proposal of extending services till 31st March, so Jio has named this offer Happy New Year Offer and extended this offer till 31st of March.

There is a catch in this offer, people can use 1GB data per day after that speed will reduce to 128kbps which is not a 4G obviously. Earlier speed cap was 4GB per day. But we need to understand that this is not a catch but it has been done to improve the experience of Jio users.

Complete Details of Jio Happy New Year Offer

   1) Before Jio and after Jio :

The Average data usage of a normal user was around 1.4 GB per month according to Ericsson Mobility Report India edition. After Jio the data usage has increased. Even though the Jio FUP has decreased Jio still offers 30 GB per month. Right now 92% of users have less than 1 GB consumption whereas 8% of users have more than 1GB consumption per day which is creating congestion for other 92% users. Jio claimed that this policy will increase the 4G speed and now Jio users can access data services more easily.

  2)  Rates as compared to other network providers :

After Jio come into competition, prices from the incumbents have come down and indeed that has worked in favor of users as in if users had to pay for 1GB per day for a month which would sum upto Rs.1500 on Jio but despite the cap here they are getting free 4G data worth Rs.1500 which same on other network would have costed twice the amount.

Data Provider Data Amount
Jio 30GB 4G 1500
Airtel 29GB 4G 4345
Vodafone 30GB 4G 2299


*The above table does not include wifi data or night data provided by any of the service providers.

  3) Offering of other Competitors

Other competitors first make the consumer pay the price for the data pack and then add up the free offering.  Jio on the other hand offers free data first and then charges the customers if they want more than 1GB at reasonable prices.

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  4) What after 1 GB

Before 1GB cap once the 4GB limit exhausted the users had to wait for the 24hr cycle to get over to enjoy the 4G experience.  Jio has now come up with  top-up packs as a solution to end this waiting game and users can enjoy uninterrupted 4G experience even after their daily free 1GB limit is over . These top-up vouchers will available at very reasonable rates. (The 2 top ups available are 51 Rs offering 1 GB for a day and the other voucher 301 Rs offering 6 GB for 28 days). If the users don’t want to avail they still have upto 128 kbps which still is sufficient for sending or receiving whatsapp messages.

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