Mu Sigma IntervIew Case Study Round Questions Experience

Mu Sigma IntervIew Case Study Round Questions ExperienceMu Sigma IntervIew Case Study Round Questions Experience

A case study stating the business problem was given for which we, as a team of four had to come up with a solution within the given time period(five minutes maximum). The time split up was in such a way that, for the first two minutes we were asked to think about it and write down our thoughts at the back side of the sheet prior to the discussion. As soon as the clock ticked, I saw people next to me jotting down points swiftly and I went blank for a second. Nevertheless, I padded up my confidence level saying to myself that “I must give my best and only focus on giving my best”. I noted down whatever was in my mind and then the disucssion started. My case statement was to identify the potential places where the IPL bangalore team,Royal Challengers Bangalore can advertise and sell their products.We discussed a lot in the three-minute span of time. Never did I realise in my life that three minutes could be that long, eagerly waiting for it to end.Once the discussion was done, we were asked to write down our solution in the same sheet and submit the same.

Type of Questions asked in each round in Mu Sigma Interview

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