Odd Even Rule In Delhi Results On first Day



Odd-Even Rule in Delhi has already been kicked off from today. Everyone in the govt. excited as well as nervous to know the reaction of Delhi people towards this odd even rule. But seriously after seeing the reaction of Delhi people, everyone is shocked including police officials who are expecting a large number of violators on the road but they have to work very hard to find any violator.

Delhi people needs a bow for this attitude towards the pollution. I think Delhi people understand that this is not a political fight instead this is their fight against pollution and only they can fight with it.

Delhi Odd Even Rules Details

Delhi Govt. installed live pollution meter display on roads so that people can also know that, how it is affecting them. Because of this odd-even rule, there is less traffic on roads, even on peak hours also. Although traffic is less but pollution doesn’t fall down much today.

According to the SAFAR( institution who calculates the pollution level of city), there will be more pollution from 2nd Jan to 5th Jan as temperature is expected to fall down by 1-2 degree Celsius.

The odd-even scheme, however, will face its first real test on January 4, when large numbers of officegoers are expected to return to work after the year-end holidays. Pollution readings will also be more representative starting then; for now, all it seems to have done is reduce the traffic in this snarling city.

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