Things Every Fresher Must Know Before Joining Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma works with market leading companies across multiple verticals, solving high impact business problems in the areas of marketing, Supply Chain and Risk Analytics. With over 50 Fortune 500 clients and about 1500 analytics professionals, Mu Sigma has disrupted the analytics industry by integrating the disciplines of business,math and technology in a sustainable global model. Further, analytical assets developed by Mu Sigma’s innovation and development team ensure  a competitive edge to clients. Mu Sigma is head-quartered in Chicago with its main delivery center in Bangalore, India and is arguably the world’s largest pure play decision sciences and analytics services company.

Things Every Fresher Must Know Before Joining Mu Sigma


Mu Sigma New Timing and Work Policy

New Timing in general – 1 PM to 10 PM.

For people who are work for clients belonging to APAC region the timing is 10 AM to 7 PM.

Lunch (11 to 12:45 PM), Evening Snacks (4 to 6 PM) and Dinner (9:30 PM to 11 PM). All the three meals are free of cost.

If someone comes to office beyond 1:15 PM or leaves office before 9:45 PM , he/she needs to apply for half day leave.


Mu Sigma Other Perks with the New Timings and Work Policy

Cab facility is available for everyone. there are 3 slots – 10:15 PM / 10:45 PM and 11:15 PM.

The lunch, evening snacks and dinner are all free of cost.


Mu Sigma Updated Salary Structure for TDS

As of now, TDS gets a fixed pay structure of 21 lac. in 3 years

But wait there are few catches here in this package as mentioned below :

  1. The annual salary for 3 years is 3.3 lac – 5.5 lac – 7.25 lac
  2. You get 5 lac as signing bonus after 6 months of MSU (training/probation) period
  3. You have to stay in the company for 3 years to retain the joining bonus of 5 lac. If you leave before 3 years, you have to return the 5 lac
  4. Last and most important catch, you have a notice period of 6 months in the first 3 years of joining the company. If you don’t serve any notice period then along with bonus 5 lac, you have to give 5 lac as penalty and if you serve a notice period between 4–6 months then the penalty is 1.5 lac.

Here are few tips if you really want to join Mu Sigma:

  1. Once you join Mu Sigma you will go through MSU training for couple of months and you need to consistently perform there
  2. Be ready to work for any industry (pharma, telecom, retail)
  3. Once you clear MSU you need to sign 3 years bond which says you can’t leave Mu Sigma before 3 years. Either pay 10 Lakh or 5 Lakh + 6 months notice period. So you really need to think hard and harder.
  4. Be mentally prepared that you won’t have work-life balance at all. Yes, you will get free breakfast and dinner. There is a nice canteen which serves good food and a mall is there in campus.
  5. Last but not the least, Mu Sigma employees have good reputation and it will be easy to switch job or pursuing for higher studies.

Here are the few things that would be recommended to every new fresher –

  1. Learn Excel, SQL, and at least one of R/Python

When I say learn I mean get hands on experience and don’t just do some online course, which can provide you a certificate but not actual learning. For R/Python- I would recommend pick up one Kaggle project try it out in R/Python. You might be thinking, I don’t know the basics of these languages, then how can I do a project! I would say, just start on it with a mindset of learning, you will understand how to do things w/o knowing anything about them i.e. Learning by Doing – a very crucial skill required in Mu Sigma. For learning Excel, my advise would be to be solve assignments and test available on many online sources, and then do an assignment on developing a sophisticated Excel dashboard involving VBA. Believe me if you do that, Mu Sigma’s 1st year would be a very smooth ride for you, and you will be appreciated among your team members.

2. Develop excellent communication (both written and verbal) skills

I believe you would already know about the importance of communication skills in a corporate environment, and being in Mu Sigma it is even more important to excel in this. Your job would require to communicate with Clients/On-site/Managers/Leadership team on almost daily basis, and if you mess up there, nothing can save you. So better buckle up!

3. Have a learning mindset when you join the company

Try to learn everything from basics, get your hands dirty even in the smallest task given to you. Do not shy away from any work, be it reporting, deck making, documentation or any other seemingly boring work, do it with utmost sincerity and try to learn how this is done. Keep this attitude for at least an year, and get your hands dirty in everything possible. You will later thank me for this advice!

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