Tips and Tricks to Crack Mu Sigma TDS Interview in a single try

Tips and Tricks to Crack Mu Sigma TDS Interview in a single try:

The key factors to get in mu sigma is:

2.Casual and fearless attitude.

Let me guide you round by round.

“The only thing you have to remember is to make yourself look different.”

—>Round 1:Aptitude—In this round they have some basic questions on maths and aptitude, here your aim should be accuracy with minimum attempt of 11-12 correct questions, don’t go for doubtful questions, if you don’t get perfect answer then just leave it.

8-9 ques can be answered without any rough work, so according to me attempt all easy questions first and then go for others.
*try to keep up with time.

—>Round 2:Pseudo code—This round is very easy for those who knows atleast very basics of C language, Firstly read the code carefully and write down the output, and second but most important thing is to show proper rough work(if your output is correct then they will look for your rough work which should be properly indented so they will know that you have understood what you did to get output.)

—>Round 3: Case Study— In this you have to create questions from available answers. Basically some points are given and you have to frame some questions based on available data in some creative manner so answers to those question can solve business problems, try to construct questions in little analytical type.

ex:-In my case it was about facebook, Data—>no of most visited pages were given
so ques I constructed was: Que: What are contents of particular pages that are mostly visited so as to promote ads on pages with particular contents.

—>Round 4: Video Synthesis—> In this round, while watching the video keep noting down the “keywords” probably 5-6 keywords will be sufficient.
And write down the synthesis in bulletin format with minimum 3 point with one keyword in each.
And in explanation try to relate keyword with instances of video.

—>Round 5: GD—>
3.Valid Points.
4.Little bit of nod  whenever someones speaking and act like you are listening them very carefully(This show your listening skills.)
5.Keep introducing strong points.
6.Don’t contradict anyone rather support your points.

—>Round 6: Interview: —>
1.Ask for their permission to sit.
2.always maintain eye contact and little smile will be good enough.
3.Speak confidently(No matter if your grammar sucks) what they all want is a confident person.
Interviewer: Why Mu Sigma?
Me: I am interested in data analysis.
Interviewer: Total shit!!! , You guys don’t know what data analysis is so how can you like it??

I remained silent for say 10 seconds.

then again he asked…

Interviewer: Why Mu-Sigma?
Me:Liberty in work
Me : Freedom to employees to think for solutions or their approach or methodology compared to other companies where employees have lots of constraints and restrictions in their day to day work. And I love to find solutions my way.(<<<Believe me, HR was damn impressed>>>)

What the expect is not some memorized regular answers but something uncommon and something that truly make you want Mu Sigma, So be prepared for this most common question with some different and your own original answer.

Then he asked some behavioral questions like “How will you handle pressure”? , and what will you do if you are assigned a task that has to be done in 4 hours and it is impossible to do it in given time? so basically questions were to test your ability to find  solution in short time.
I answered it by saying that I would convince the client and ask to extend the deadline and then he acted as a client and ask me to convince him.
The only thing to remember is “CONFIDENCE”, be confident in whatever you say, no matter how stupid it sound but it works sure for 100%.

Sorry for lengthy explanation but if you follow this suggestions you can definitely get in Mu Sigma.

P.S Don’t get nervous or desperate to get in Mu Sigma, It may affect your confidence badly so take everything casually.

Best of luck for Mu Sigma.
Hope this was helpful.

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    • It is like aptitude test to get select for further interview rounds. This test is now conducts online and on the basis of the score in this test, students gets selected for next rounds.

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