Tips on how to write a great admission essay


A great admission essay: tips from pro writers

Read the article to see how to write a compelling admission essay to enter a college of your dream, see how to use emotional appeal and describe your skills.

If you want to enter a college of your dream, you should know how to compile a super great admission essay to impress the members of the admission committee. You have time and you have enough skills to work on it. So start as early as you can and get admission essay help at Or scroll down to see the tips from the experienced writers on how to make your essay stand out.

Read the rules

I may seem weird, but most of the students don’t read the guidelines and the tasks carefully. Or they want to apply to several colleges and read the guideline about only one of them. If you plan to enter a college, you should view everything from start to finish for every application separately. This should be your golden rule. Of course, common requirements are all the same, but every college will ask you to express a different point of view.

Use emotional appeal

Your admission essay should evoke some feelings and emotions. If you choose a controversial topic that can evoke a wide variety of feelings in different people, you will succeed. But don’t overdo with it. You should not lead to disgust. If you are writing about your childhood, you can mention a few best moments when you were the happiest person ever. Of if you experienced a natural disaster, you can write about your desire to survive and so on.

Describe your skills

You should prove to your readers that you have enough knowledge and skills to study at a specific college. Don’t make a list of them as it will look weird. Describe a few examples from your life or the of a person you know well where you have used your skills. For example, you dream to be a nurse, so you can describe how you used to take care of all the dogs in your neighbourhood.

Use citations

It’s enough to use the words of a person who you admire. Even if you are writing about how you played with your dog when you were five. Or if you are talking about your future profession. Actually, you can google the citations without the need to read books or anything else. But they will add more value to your own statements and provide a positive impression on the readers. We recommend you to use one or two sentences as a quotation. If you use more, you will break the text and it will become too long for reading.

Plan your writing

If you have a few essays to be ready in a short period of time, you should plan your work. It may look like the following checklist:

  • Read the rules;
  • Write one outline for each essay;
  • Write one essay in one day;
  • Proofread essays.

These steps are so easy that students procrastinate and start doing this task one night before the deadline. If you choose this way, you will probably have some stylistic, grammar or even spelling mistakes. If you don’t give your brain some rest before you start proofreading, you won’t be able to notice all the mistakes.

Develop a thesis

It’s the sentence that you will place at the end of the first paragraph. A good thesis statement provides your readers with the core idea of your essay. Consider writing it the way it could represent everything you are writing excluding the conclusion only. You can state your point of view and state the importance of the topic of the essay in your life. If you read the thesis, you should clearly understand what an essay about, but you need to read the conclusion to find out the result or some outcomes.

Write the text

When you have everything in mind about how you should write the admission essay, it’s time to do it. Take a pencil or take your keyboard and start crafting the text. Don’t mind the mistakes or any kind of wrong word order. You will cope with them after you finish. Express your thoughts and write everything that comes to your mind. When you have enough information, you can start revising it and placing your sentences in the right order.


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