3rd week Bajirao Mastani Movie 18th Day Box Office Total Collections



Bajirao Mastani is the last movie of the year 2015 and it is still on the cinema screens as there is no other big movie released till yet. Bajirao Mastani shared the screen with Shahrukh Khan Dilwale and it gave neck to neck fight to Dilwale.

Bajirao Mastani is the movie of a warrior who fall in love with a Muslim girl even though he was married with another girl. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone starrer movie did a good business on box office and still collection increases. It already crossed the 150 crore mark and it is going towards 200 crore mark. It is in its third weekend and Bajirao Mastani is already collected 160 crores rupees and it is expected that in few more days it will cross the mark of 200 crores.

Bajirao Hot Censored Scenes

Bajirao Mastani is a movie of warrior who was never defeated by any king or emperor of any state. He won 40 battles and no one was able to defeat him. He was undefeated champion and he was died because of a high fever after listening a news that his own son capture Mastani in a cage and Bajirao died with the memories of Mastani and after few days Mastani also died after listening the news of death of Bajirao.


3rd week Bajirao Mastani Movie 18th Day Box Office Total Collections :

Day 1st Friday Box Office Collection – Rs.13.2 Crore

Day 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection – Rs.15.12 Crore

Day 3rd Sunday Box Office Collection – Rs.18.85 Crore

Day 4th Monday Box Office Collection – Rs.10.45 crore

Day 5th Tuesday Box Office Collection – Rs. 9.00 Crore

Day 6th Wednesday Box Office Collection – Rs.9.11 Crore

Day 7th Thursday Box Office Collection – Rs. 10.42 Crore

Day 8th Friday Box Office Collection – Rs. 12.15 Crore

Day 9th Saturday Box Office Collection – Rs. 10.50 crore

10th day earning Box Office Collection – Rs.11.55 crores

11th day earning Box Office Collection -Rs.8.20 crores

12th day earning Box Office Collection –Rs. 6.5 crores

13th day earning Box Office Collection – Rs. 4.2 crores

14th Day earning Box Office Collection – Rs. 6.8 Crores

Bajirao Mastani Third Weekend (2 Jan, 3 Jan, 4th Jan) collections – 25.1 crores (Approx)

Bajirao Total Box Office Collections is Rs. 162 crores till now

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