Colors – Bigg Boss 10 Wild Card Entry 26th Nov 2016 Episode News Written Updates

BB10 House Wild Card Entry Bigg Boss 10 26th November 2016 Episode Hd Video ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ :- The Bollywood superstar turns host of the show Bigg Boss 10 Salman Khan tries to hold his personal attitude towards the housemates from last few, despite the participants’ unpredictable behaviour irritated Salman, he managed to handle them patiently.

Colors – Bigg Boss 10 Wild Card Entry 26th Nov 2016 Episode News Written Updates

Certainly, he managed to handle the housemates but fail to handle the commoner contestant Om Swami who is constantly making Mr Khan annoying with his own antics. Tonight episode of the Bigg Boss Season 10 it is Salman Khan will be seen trying his best to make Om Swami understand that he should stop abusing people of the house. However, looks like Om Swami is having deaf ears as he neither reciprocates with Salman’s advice or suggestions at all.

Om Swami answers said to Salman about his behaviour that it was an acting done by him but Salman asked to him about this that it is not any kind of entertainment. Om Swami, who just can’t stop talking interrupts Salman Khan while he makes him understand, and due to Om Swami’s arrogance behaviour Salman Khan loses his cool and asked Om that he can’t speak in the middle when Salman is speaking.

To handle the situation Om Swami asked Salman that, you can keep talking which doesn’t like by the actor. Annoyed with Om Swami’s behaviour, the housemates lash out at him that he has made Salman Khan angry.

Will Om Swami finally be changed the man or will he continue with his antics it will be interesting to see on the tonight episode of the show? Mandana Karim and Gautam Gulati will be special guests of the show who are the ex-participant of the house and they will be seen having conversations with the housemates’ regarding the entire issue of the week.

Mandana Karim and Gautam Gulati  will be taken the seat in the Salman Ki Sabha where they will be speaking about the chemistry Indiawaale and the celebrities are having.

Making everybody roll of the floor including Salman Khan is when Mandana lands up calling Om Swami Babu Ji which will spread humour on the show. They start their grilling session with Lopa and Manu being their first target as they question them about the secret task. Both, Gautam and Mandana tell them that why they take the task so seriously.

Gautam asked Manu that you are playing the game quite well, but you shouldn’t be so overconfident that you take things for granted and he also asked Manu that how he can take it as a personal task it is a secret task actually. Later, Mandana and Gautam target Gaurav saying that he is so imaging conscious and why does he keep telling Bani and planned her behaviour or routine.

Mandana also asked Gautam that he looks boring on the screen but she praised Bani by saying that she is giving a good feedback to the game and her straightforward attitude reminds her of herself. Both these Ex- Bigg Boss contestants will also be seen throwing a bomb on the other contestants as well which will be making some participants annoyed.

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