Drishyam Hindi Movie First Day Opening Day Box office Collections



Drishyam is the new movie of Ajay Devgan and this is not the Rohit Shetty film and it is also not an action film. It is dramatic super thriller film and as Ajay Devgan said this type of movie doesn’t need promotion. People will attract themselves by the story and reviews of Drishyam.

Drishyam Movie Story:

Drishyam movie is a fifth time remake and it is the first remake after four versions in Tamil. Writer Upendra Sidhaye doesn’t make many changes in the film from the original version but he make some couple of changes in the film which doesn’t affect much to the thrill of the movie.

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This movie is about a common man Ajay Devgan (Vijay) who is a school dropout(4th class fail) and has cable business in Goa village. He lives with his wife Shriya Saran (Nandhani) and his two daughters. He fights with a system or I should say with a corrupt policeman Kamlesh Sawant. But the story took a turn when top –cop’s (Tabu) son is missing and Ajay is portrayed as a prime victim for it. This story is all about how a common illiterate man fights with a corrupt system and how he handles himself and his family. Movie has a large number of twist and turns. Movie becomes thriller when movie is unpredictable and this Drishyam movie was unpredictable all over it. Second half was more interesting and you cannot even shake your head during the whole second half. So you should go and watch this movie for sure and I will give 3.5 stars (out of 5) to this Drishyam.

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Drishyam movie First Day Opening Day Box office Collections:

Drishyam movie was nor promoted a lot like other movies and Ajay Devgan even made a statement that Drishyam doesnot need a promotion. This movie is not that kind of movie which needs promotion. People will come by themselves after reading review of movie. This movie has a real story which is missing in all other movies in today’s time. So, Drishyam movie First Day Opening Day Box office Collections. It is able to collect only 10 crores only.

Drishyam movie First Day Opening Day Box office Collections: 10 crores only

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