Great Grand Masti Monday Box Office Collection


Great Grand Masti is the third part of famous movie Masti which was released in 2004. Its second part Grand Masti was also a big hit on box office which was managed to earn 100 crores. Great grand Masti has the same star cast starring Vivek, Aftab and Ritesh but glamour is added by new famous face Urvashi Rautela who has the beautiful and eye candy face in the movie. She is playing a role of a ghost who wants to do Masti with three of them.

Movie revolves around an old Haveli which a sexy ghost in it. Urvashi Rautela as a ghost wants to do masti with three of them but with one condition that after masti that person will die. So it a sex comedy movie but have no sex and even no comedy in it. Great Grand Masti has old whatsapp adult jokes and obviously it is full of double meaning talks. If you are going to watch some hot scenes then you will be disappointed as movie doesn’t have a kiss scene in it. Although Urvashi is showing her curves and body in movie which looks awesome but movie doesn’t have any kiss scene.

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Great Grand Masti has got the very low opening on the box office as most of the single screens are assigned to Sultan and even in Multiplexes most of the shows are booked for Sultan. May be GGM can earn more if it come 1 or 2 week later as people are more interested in watching Sultan than GGM.

Another reason of very low box office collections is online leak. Movie was leaked 3 weeks before the release date. It hurts the box office collection and producers are facing huge loss because of this. The makers of Great Grand Masti said that the copy of their film that got leaked online was the same that was submitted to the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal.

Great Grand Masti Monday Box Office collection is only 1.5 crores rupees only. Its last part Grand Masti has got 12.5 crore on the opening day which seems not possible for GGM in future days also.

Great Grand Masti Friday Box Office collection: Rs. 2.8 crore

Great Grand Masti Saturday Box Office collection: Rs. 2.5 crore

Great Grand Masti Sunday Box Office collection: Rs. 2.4 crore

Great Grand Masti Monday Box Office collection: 1.5 crore

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