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Leonardo DiCaprio one of the highest paid American actor is once again ready to come on big screen with his new movie “The Revenant”. “The Revenant” movie is based on Michael Punke’s Novel 2002 which was based on real story.

The Revenant Movie Story :

“The Revenant” is based on a real story in which Leonardo is playing a character of man who is killed by a beer and his team mates left him for dying without any support. But somehow he survived that attack on him by beer and later he came again to kill her comrades. As the name of the movie “The Revenant” suggests, he was expected to be killed by beer but he came back from the mouth of death and took his revenge. Movie is made in the remote locations that 50% of their time was wasted in travelling. Movie was made in the location of British Columbia and Alberta including Victoria. Film has been shot in natural lighting, no effects of lighting or no sets were made for this movie shooting.

The Revenant Movie Budget :

The Revenant movie has been shot at remote locations and the travelling expenses to reach at those remote locations is also very high. It also has big star cast in it. So the budget as expected is very high for this movie. “The Revenant” movie is made under a big budget of $60,000,000.

The Revenant Movie Budget is $60,000,000

Movie Hall For Couples :

The Revenant Star Cast :

The Revenant has Leonardo DiCaprio in the main lead role of Hugh Glass. Another American actor Tom hardy as John Fitzgerald is playing second lead role in the movie. Other actors like Domnnall, Will Poulter and Paul Anderson is playing their role in movie. There is no female actor in the movie.

The Revenant Official Trailer |Teaser HD Released

Teaser if full of remote locations, having ice all over the area. Trailer has many sighs, beards gigantic effective scenes without any dialogue. Leonardo killing enemies on his horse, a lot of chasing, blood, shooting is there in the trailer. The movie is going to be release on 25 December 2015. You can watch this The Revenant official trailer|Teaser in HD. You can watch the trailer over here in this link.



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