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Delhi is famous for its night life. It doesn’t matter whether it is safe or not but people especially teenagers like to crawl all over the roads of Delhi in the Night. Every weekend, they want nightout with friends and drive cars/bikes at high speeds over the roads of Delhi. Like every weekend, I am sure you are at nightout tonight also. While driving ,you get bored and you are feeling hungry which brings you here I guess. If I am right, BINGO ! , here is the list of some food shops or dhabas where you can kill you hunger. Here are the best 4 places where you can visit in nightout to kill you hunger.

Haunted Places In Delhi For Night Out

Nightout / Niteout Places In Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida :

  • The Booty Call, Satyaniketan

It is the only café which remains open till morning. Its timings are from 9PM to 8AM. Here you will get pastas, pizzas, sandwiches and burgers like of food. Food is also good and well served. It is located at Satyaniketan.

  • AIIMS Parantha Wala

This is located at the gate of AIIMS hospital. Here you can get different types of paranthas ,egg paranthas, aaloo paranthas, onion paranthas,etc. You will get different types of paranthas starting at 25 rupees. Paranthas are hot served and you can also get cold-drinks etc.

Here Are the Other Secret Places for Night out

  • Little Owl Cafe, Noida

This quaint spot is open through a pleasantly surprising number of hours. They serve regular night fare like Maggi and sandwiches and stuff plus hookahs if you’re still into that. Located at Sector 18 Metro Noida.

Timings – Almost 24/7

  • Patel Chest Chai Wala, Delhi University , North Campus

If live in North Delhi, then it is the nearest nightout spot for you. Here you can get chai, biscuits , maggi and some light snacks to control you hunger. It is located at north campus, Patel chest.

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