Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor’s Befikre Song: Labon Ka Karobaar Video


Aditya Chopra is ready to launch its teaser of its new film Befikre under Yash Raj Films Banner. Vaani Kapoor will make her debut in this film with Ranveer Singh who is one of the popular Bollywood actor now a days. We have seen different posters of movie in which Ranveer and Vaani are kissing each other in different angles, in different positions at different locations with different intensity.

Today first song of the movie is released which has more than 15 stranger couples kissing each other and song is slow and romantic. Title of the song is Labon Ka Karobaar (Business of Lips). Title is very appropriate if you will watch this video. You will find kissing unknown couples but Ranveer and Vaani is missing from the song.

Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor’s Befikre Song: Labon Ka Karobaar Video

From the first poster till now, we saw them in every poster but in the first song they are missing. This makes us more curious about the movie. This is a new step which is taken by Yash Raj films that first song is released before the movie trailer. I think this is an innovative step which may bring more curiosity among fans and it will increase more discussion on social platform about the movie.

There are some quotes about kiss in the song which is suited to the situation and lyrics of song very well. Some are:
Tiger Shroff And Shradha Kapoor Kiss

  • Kiss is a journey
  • Kiss knows no boundaries
  • Kiss has no age
  • A kiss brings color
  • A kiss is an escape
  • A kiss is a joyride
  • A kiss is a break
  • A kiss is an adventure
  • A kiss is freedom
  • Kiss breaks all rules
  • Kiss comes in all sizes
  • A kiss is beginning of every love story.

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