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From Last week onwards, we can watch Splitsvilla 8 and our dear sunny leone only once in a week i.e, on Every Saturday 7.00 P.M. Because of new show of MTV Next top model which will telecast on every Sunday 7.00 P.M. But it will increase more excitement and show will go more long. In the last episode we have a new queen Subuhi Joshi entered in our villa and everyone is shocked as she has the power to eliminate 8 boys out of 16. Mostly all girls are shocked as they already have connection with 8 boys and now Subuhi can dumb any of them or I should say all of them

Splitsvilla 8 is now in its third week and already 6 girls are dumped from this show before the starting of third week. Now there are 8 girls left with 16 boys. But Boys number will not be same for a long time. That will gonna be equal to girls number. Yes, 8 boys are going to be dumped in 25 July episode. Today in 25 July episode there is a new twist which I already tell you last week in my blog that Splitsvilla new queen will be Splitsvilla ex-contestant Subuhi Joshi.

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Last week Subuhi Joshi made her entry with a boom-bang style. She started yelling and showing her queen attitude to splitsvillans and treating them new kids. Now she got the power to dumped 8 boys from the show and it doesn’t matter that those boys will be from celebrities or non-celebrities.

Before the entry of the queen, in Splitsvilla 8 25July episode every boy gets a chance to go on a date with his favorite girl. But if more than one boy chooses the same girl, then then girl have to go on a date with all of the boys who chose her name altogether. That was a funny date I should say as Shivam, Abhijeet, Prince went on a date with same girl altogether.

In this season of Splitsvilla 8, there is a twist or you can say advantage to celebrity boys that if they get dumped by our queen, then they will not leave Splitsvilla but they cannot win Splitsvilla too. So, they will be banished, not dumped from Splitsvilla.

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Watch here the Splitsvilla 8 25 July Full episode in HD here :

Overall today’s episode was fun, worth watching and those who missed today’s episode and wants to know who gets dumped in Splitsvilla 8 full episode 25 July , read my blog here.

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