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Nach Baliye 7 is on fire in it last episodes. Nach baliye 7 is going to end soon and it is left with two-three more episodes. In 28 June episode, Nach baliye is really on fire. All couples have to do some romantic, seducing kind of dance which was judged by Priti Zinta, Chetan sir and Farah khan. The major highlight of all performances is from our most popular couple –Upen and Karishma.

I still remembered the first season of Nach Baliye in 2005 when there is pure dancing with some sensible comments related to dance and there is a bit chat on their personal life. But this season Nach Baliye 7 is full of drama. I think I would say Nach Baliye 7 is more about drama and less about dance. Most of the times you will see contestants jodis fighting with the Chetan Bhagat who is one of the judge in this show. I felt I was watching an Ekta Kapoor daily soap with emotional drama taking centre stage and Chetan Bhagat, of course, playing a vamp’s role. But in the last few episodes we got some real dance from the couples. And in the last episode what Karishma and Upen did is fantabulous.

Sexy Dance PErformance of Karishma And Upen

In last week Upen Patel and Karishma Tannah again fired the stage with their hot sizzling performance. They performed on “Jaane Do Na, Pass Aao Na”, an old song from Rishi Kapoor. They started their performance from the backstage with their hot seductive moves. Choreographers used the hot long legs of Karishma there and make the stage hot with her wet legs. Then they came onto main stage where a big chocolate bowl waiting for them to bath in it. When both entered in the chocolate bowl, their dance lit fire in the bowl. Their moves, expression, body language is inexpressible with words. You need to watch that video what makes you understand what I want to express. So for you, I bring that video. So here is the video of Nach Baliye 28 June Episode Upen Karishma “Jaane Do Na” Dance Performance HD Video.

Watch the 5 July Full Episode here  

On 5July  it was a teen ka tadka round where jodis have to perform with one more dancer. It is a bit difficult round because they have to dance with one more dancer it means they need to synchronize with one more person and it was really difficult for jodis I guess.Next week there is a semi finale episode . No only four teams left in this competition and they have to fight with each other to bag this title. Winner of nach baliye 7 is only two weeks away from their title.

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