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Splitsvilla 8 is the dating reality show telecasted on MTV. Splitsvilla is in its eight season and right now we have Prince on King position. In 3 October Episode, first time we got a chance to see the sexy and rough fight. No, it is not the real fight but it is a task and it is not between boys but it is between girls. In Splitsvilla season 8 September 19 episode, there is a task in which all girls have to remove the tag of other girls in a ring and at the same time they have to secure their tag from others. The girl who left with the tag will win the competition. But the twist is they will fight in a ring full of melted chocolates. So it is a chocolate fight.

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At the start of the game , Mia removed Sana tag in just few seconds .Later Mia and karishma came together to attack priyanka which was shocking for Priyanka as Karishma was her rroommate and her friend. After that mia and karishma had a ugly fight which was stopped by crew once but at the end Karishma managed to win the battle and she was save for the dumping ground.


After that Sana, Mia and Priyanka went on date with paras and Paras choose Priyanka on a secret place and this makes Priyanka feels more safer on dumping ground.

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Watch Splitsvilla 10 October New Girl Entry Name:

Right now we have Prince and Karishma as the King and Queen of the villa and everyone is against our Queen and no one likes our queen. Apart from this, there is a new wild card entry in the Splitsvilla in the 17the Episode. Everyone wants to know the new wild card entry in villa at this point of game. In Splitsvilla 10 October Episode, it is revealed that our new wild card entry is Sophiya Singh. Sophiya Singh is a model and lives in Delhi. She completed her B.E from BITS Ranchi, Jharkhand. Here you can see the Splitsvilla 10 October Full Episode.

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