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Splitsvilla Season 8 is almost into its final weeks. Only two more episode is left now and game is getting more intense and more exciting as it is expected. In Splitsvilla 8 24 October Episode, we can see a lot of love and a lot of passion in the contestants to win this show. Now everyone is putting everything to win this Splitsvilla season 8 which we can see in this Splitsvilla 8 24 October Episode.

In this episode, initially there was a task between all the banished boys (Amaad, Paras and Ishaan) to get themselves back in the show. They have the last chance to get back in the show and losers of the task will go back to their homes, not in the banishment zone. So, this was the last chance for them. The task is to fill a bucket of water with a jar full of holes in it. They also have to walk or run on a slippery plan to complete this task. Either Subuhi Love or everyone’s support made Ishaan to win the task and made Paras and Amaad to leave this show empty handed. This made all the Splitsvillans happy including the King Price.

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Watch Splitsvilla 8 24 October Full Episode 19 Saturday :

The second task is between Splitsvillans. They need to do this task in pair but only 3 pairs an do this task and 1 pair went to dumping zone directly. Unfortunately, Zaan and Anukhi is in dumping zone right now because they didn’t perform the task. Now the task is in between other pairs. Couple has to hold each other while hanging with the harness in air. Couple who will hold till end will win the task. It was looking very simple and interesting but as the time goes it becomes more painful and difficult. Contestants feels the most intense pain of their life in this task. Subuhi and Ishaan as usually lose the task once again and they give up in the first ten minutes of the task. Subuhi was unhappy with Ishaan again and she started blaming him again. Sana –Utkarsh and Yash and Sofia fought till the end. Utkarsh decided to give up after fighting for 27 minutes in the task. Sana doesn’t want to give up but Utkarsh can’t bear the pain more as it was hurting him so he decided to give up.

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Sana wins the appraisal of Sunny and Rannvijay for fighting so long and Yash and Sofia wins the respect of everyone after winning this task. So after the task Subuhi- Ishaan, Sana- Utkarsh and Zaan- Anukhi are in dumping zone. We will see who gets dump in the dumping zone as only two episodes are left now of Splitsvilla Season 8.

Watch here the Splitsvilla 8 24 October Full Episode 19 Saturday

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