What Your Body Part Tells About You


Women are the most beautiful creatures on the planet. They do have some fascinating attributes in themselves from which they can attract anyone and use them according to their needs if they want. You will be surprised by knowing that every part of their body has something to say according to astrologers and even by the science too. Every body part reveals some attribute of that individual girl. Here are the hidden stories of body parts of women or girls.

  • LIPS – Those girls who have small lips have strict in nature and they are little bit rude to everyone. They are short-tempered you can say. Those girls who have heart shaped lips or you can say perfect lips, they are full of confidence and have very attractive and sexy body.
  • EYES – Girls who have big eyes, are very kind to everybody and they are very open minded and they see everyone with kind heart with their big eyes. Their heart is also as big as their eyes.
  • Belly – Girls who have thin belly or you can say fir belly ,they are made for having a queen lifestyle. They are very social and very religious kind of girls.
  • Hair – Girls who have black and straight hair, are kind of straight forward girls. They don’t like to twist their words, they like to say their ideas directly without any complexity. They say what they think and they also spread or convince others with their ideas and beliefs.
  • Foot – Those girls who have soft foot palm are anticipated to live a luxury life.
  • Nails – Girls who have straight and thin nails are very stubborn in nature. They can’t think with their brain more and they are expected to take childish decisions and they should be taken care of.
  • Bellybutton – If bellybutton goes deeper inside ,then those girls are very lucky for the family and they are anticipated to get success at every point in her life.

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These are some traits of a girl which are found by the astrologers and there are some traits which are observed with the help of science. Girls can relate it with their life and if they find any truth in it then please share it with us in our comment box or you can share it on your social accounts. Even if you have any objection from this post , you can again tell us in our comment box. Keep Sharing 🙂

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