Ankit Keshri Young Cricketer Death Video

ankit-keshri-death-videoYesterday , it was a black day for Indian cricket as one Indian domestic player died at hospital after injured at the ground during fielding. He fight three days for his life in the hospital after he got injured in the field.

Ankit Keshri was a 20 year old boy playing in under 23 match at Jadavpur university salt lake campus ground. Keshri was a 12th man at this match and comes at the ground just  two overs ago as the replacement for Arnab Nandi . In the field as went for high catch, he collided with his team mate Sourav Mandal and he got injured himself at head and his head start bleeding. He died in the hospital at Monday after fighting three days for his life. The cause of death was cerebral edema leading to cardiac arrest, according to doctor.
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Bengal U-23 Coach said “We will always miss him. Ankit was so different.  I can’t explain properly. He was always his own man, keeping to himself. Yes, he was silent, but there was a spark in him. Even in his silence, he made his presence felt. He was very attentive and hardworking. I had to explain every decision to him. He was always asking questions about his cricket”.

Keshri spoke very little, but when he did, he drove home his point. “I still remember how he convinced the entire team to bowl first in an U-23 game this season. We had made up our mind to bat, but Ankit simply said, ‘I saw the pitch and we should bowl first’. There was something about him which made you listen to his logic and accept it,” Mukherjee said.

Here is the video of Ankit Keshri death collision video at the field:

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