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CBSE 12th exams are out and Delhi University both offline and online admission already started. All of you are very excited and waiting for the college life since a long time and finally its first party part is here now. Now I know all of you are not interested in filling form online because of two reasons. First is there are some confusion in online admission form and second is you need an excuse to go out with your friends and hangout with them in your every activity.

I know all of you will go together to fulfill this offline admission forms but after done with your primary (so-called ) objective , you need a place to visit with your friends. You heard a lot about famous places of Delhi University North Campus but I am pretty sure you didn’t know about it very precisely.  In this post I will not confuse you with so many options and I will give you Best 5 places that you should visit in North Campus of Delhi University.
Best Place To Hangout with Friends 

  1. Bille Di hatti- If you are very hungry and you already screwed up with long process of admission form and you just need something that will be you r breakfast + lunch and plus it should be in your budget ( I can understand you are just 12th pass-out, you need everything economical). Then Bille di hatti is the best option you can go for. Here you will get Aaloo poori plus a big glass of cold( thandi) lassi. Trust me it will be enough for you and more than enough for girls which do not have a habit of eating more than one chappati. You should leave your diet schedule and try this once atleast.
  2. Chacche Di Hatti- This is also one of the best cholley bhaturey shop in north campus or I should say in Delhi. It is located in bungalow road and they will give a full size Paneer wale choley bhature in just Rs. 45 and that will give a big stop to your big hunger.
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  3. Big Yellow Door – Big yellow door is one of the best outlets available in north campus. It is started by students of Delhi university and they have another branch also in other places of Delhi. Here you get a king size burger with full of cheese and it is also known for its white Italian Pasta and you can’t bear to forget oreo shake with crushed ice (Don’t forget to mention crushed ice in it).
  4. Kolhapur Road – In Kolhapur road you will get all Delhi university stuff which will you get here only in the street corner of Kolhapur road. They have fancy tops and other attractive in-fashion accessories especially for girls. You can’t afford to miss these stuff as it is one of the unique things in DU.
  5. Pizza Planet- If you are a pizza lover( which I knew you are), I want to give you better option for pizza  (better than dominos and pizza hut). It is really far better than pizza hut and dominos in quality and especially it is best because it give you unlimited buffet pizza, unlimited garlic bread, unlimited pasta with cold-drinks and ice cream in just Rs.250 . This is the best place I found in DU north campus if you are really hungry.

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