Best Nightout Haunted Places In Delhi


Being a delhite, we all love adventure. But we love different and unique kind of adventurous, with the change in time, our taste for adventure also gets changes. Nowadays we all love nightouts but we don’t know where to go at nightouts in Delhi. I know one of our friend always say “let’s go murthal”,  come-on you  spend your half-life of nightout at murthal eating those oily paranthas. You need something new, so leave the idea to spend this night-out at murthal also. Have some adventure, face some haunted places, get your fear out of your mind and check out these Best Nightout Haunted Places In Delhi. All these places have something special in it which makes every place different from each other. Let’s check out these places:

  • Cemetry Delhi Cantt
    Symmetry located at Delhi cant in Delhi is one of the most haunted places at Delhi which you can visit with your friends during nightout. But keep one thing in mind, your all friends should be fearless as one can even start crying just after seeing the atmosphere around there. There is a famous story about this place which is observed by people. They said if you drive there at night ,there is a lady who asks for lift from you in white sari and if you don’t stop there, she will follow you and run with your car as swift as you can run your car and she will follow you until you come out from that place. That is really a screaming situation if it is true. But we don’t know whether it is true or not, so check by yourself . Plan to visit with your  friends  and check out by yourself and share experience with us.

  • The Ridge Road
    Ridge road is a road situated near Jhandewala metro station. The Delhi ridge, an extension of the Aravalli Hill Range in NCT of Delhi is a haunting rocky & hilly, forested area where people said a white britisher ride on horse at this road with no head taking a sword in his hand which is extremely haunted place to go. If  you really have guts then you should try this place because you should walk there as there is no space on which you can take your car. So please try at your own risk.

    If you are feeling scary and you are with your girlfriend, then you should check these places to visit with your girlfriend

  • Lothian Cemetery
    It is another cemetery where you can met with one more ghost. You can see him walking over Lothian cemetery carrying his head in his hand. People said it is a ghost of a soldier whose head is blew by his loved one that’s why he is there to protect other heads carrying his own head. You should try this place and say hi to ghost and ask him for some rest by holding his head, I think he is friendly ghost.

  • Khooni Darwaza
    The name itself suggests that the place is eerie. The Britishers stripped and shot the 3 surviving sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar here after crushing the Sepoy mutiny. The 3 Mughal princes still haunt this doorway and wait to avenge their public humiliation. So if you are English, keep out of this haunted place in Delhi.

    If you don’t have guts(nuts :P) to face this fear then you can also visit to other places with your friends...

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