Happy Teachers Day 5th September Quotes and Messages

Happy Teachers Day 5th September Quotes and MessagesHappy Teachers Day 5th September Quotes and Messages: Teachers Day : In India, we all celebrate the teachers day on 5th September. This is the best day to show your love towards your first guru, your teacher. Teachers are very important in everyone’s life, because He/She is the only person who scolds you when you do something wrong, teacher always shows the right path to their students. The place of teacher comes after the parents.

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Here are the best ways to show your respect and love towards them.

Quotes and messages on Teachers day

  1. “ I may not say it always,

But I mean it whenever I say it,

Thanks a lot teacher , for all the things you have done for me . “ Happy teachers day.


  1. “ The way you teach,

The care you take,

The knowledge you share,

The love you shower,

Makes you the world’s best teacher, Happy Teachers day !! “

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  1. “ A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others,

Happy teachers day !! “


  1. “ You guided when I was lost,

You supported me when I was weak,

You have enlightened meal through, thanks for all support ,

Happy teachers day !! “


  1. “ A teacher is the one who gives you something to take home, to think about besides homework

Happy Teachers Day !! “

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  1. “ You are not only our teacher,

You are our friend, philosopher and guide,

All molded into one person,

We will always be grateful for your support,

Happy Teachers Day !! “


  1. “ A teachers takes a hand,

Opens a mind and touches a heart,

Happy Teachers Day !! “


  1. “  Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things “.

Happy teachers day !!

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