Happy Krishna Janmashtami in Telugu Status Fb Whatsapp Twitter


Happy Krishna Janmashtami in Telugu Quotes, Wishes, SMS, Messages, GreetingsHappy Krishna Janmashtami in Telugu Status Fb Whatsapp Twitter: This year Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrate on 5th September 2015, Saturday in India. This is the day of celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, who was the 8th Avtaar of Vishnu. It is a very special festival for Hindu and it is celebrated on Ashtami of ( August – September ) Bhadrapad month.

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It is the festival of Hindus , they celebrate this festival by going to the temple for puja and some people by fasting this day until midnight, the time when Krishna have been believed to born. People celebrate Janmashtami by singing devotional songs or bhajan, by exchanging gifts and by eating Prasad. In Some temples, people also read the “ Bhagavad Gita “.

Krishna Janmashtami is also known as Krishnashtami.

On this day, also exchange of greetings, wishes is a way to express proud feelings of this occasion, and to make your day good, our team brings you some best Status Fb Whatsapp Twitter in Telugu.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Status Fb Whatsapp Twitter in Telugu

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Pavitra parv aaj ka din hai…….
Liya janam hamare krishna ne….
Jiske liye sarvatra brahmaand prassann hai….
Jai kishan Jai Kishan…..
Jai gosh se vishva dhanya hai….

Maakhan chorr hai aayo,…
Yashomati Maiya ka nandlala,….
Dharti pe bhagwan ka avataar hai aoyo,…
Harne Kans jaise papi ko…..
Karne kalyan Dharti maa ka…..
Sheshnaag ki chatra mein wo hai aayo….
Banke Kanha makhan chorr hai aayo……

“मुरली मनोहर, ब्रिज के धरोहर,

मुरली की मधुर आवाज़,

झूम उठे ये बहार,

कृष्ण जिनका नाम,

गोकुल जिनका धाम,

श्री कृष्ण भगवान को हम सबका प्रणाम !”

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Status Fb Whatsapp Twitter in Telugu

ராதா கி பக்தி முரளி கி மிதாஸ்

மக்ஹன் க ஸ்வாத் ஆர் கோபியோ க ராஸ்

சப் மில்கர் பண்ட ஹாய் ஜென்மாஷ்டமி க டின் க்ஹஸ்

மக்ஹன் சரகர் ஜிச்னே

பான்சி பஜகர் ஜிச்னே நசைய

க்ஹுஷி மனோ உஸகே ஜனம் கி

ஜிச்னே துணிய கோ பிரேம் சிக்ஹ்ய

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Status Fb Whatsapp Twitter in Telugu

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కారే కారే కన్హ క జనం దివస్
రాదే కే భోలే కన్హ క జనం దివస్
దేవకి యశోద కె కన్హ క జనం దివస్
హమ్ సభి కె ప్యారే కన్హ క జనం దివస్

ఏక రాధా కె మీరా
దోనో నే శ్యాం కో చః
అబ్ శ్యాం పే హాయ్
శర భార కిస్ కి ప్రీత్ కారే స్వీకర

கிருஷன் கி மகிமா

கிர்ஹ்ன க பார்

கிருஷ்ணா மெய்ன ஷரத

கிருஷ்ணா சே சன்சார்

ஹாய் அப்கோ முபாரக் ஜென்மாஷ்டமி க ட்யொஹர்

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