Life At Infosys After Mysore Training: Do’s and Dont’s

Congratulations you must have completed your Mysore training in Infosys and you should get your DC where you will start a new journey of your life. There is a very less probability that you got a DC of your choice or your preferred location but trust every DC of Infosys is a beauty in its own. Soon you will love your DC and you will adapt the lifestyle of the city. It is possible that (high chances) your friends don’t posted to same DC of yours but you will find new ones there.

Life At Infosys After Mysore Training: Do’s

In this post I am going to share life in Infosys after Mysore training and things you should know or do so that you will take benefits of the things earlier as there will be no one who will guide you at the fresher level until you will not ask the correct person.

  • First task of yours should be finding an accommodation in the posted location. You will get Infosys Accommodation for 1 week but after that you need to find your own accommodation that you can figure out at the public folder where accommodation request and other necessities can be find.
  • Your next task will be finding a desk. Contact your BP HR and ask him/her to allocate you space and system. There might be problem in having space as some DC’s are already full. So you need to work hard and contact your HR regularly to get one. Try to build connection with every single person you will meet. Until you don’t get space you can use Zero Bench room to check your mails and other related stuff. Zero bench room is a place where all those employees sit when they don’t have space. There also you will get limited number of systems.
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  • Once you get a desk, you should start your search of project. If you are lucky enough, you will get a project within 5 days of your date of allocation, after that they will put you in central bench then it will be difficult to find a project soon. It total depends on the unit and requirement in that unit. So I suggest you not to enjoy your bench period (honeymoon period) for a very long time. You can contact your TPD for a project and but he also can’t help you much until he also gets a requirement.
  • So here you have to perform your task again. I will tell you the exact formula which you should do if you really want a project. Open Infosys directory from sparsh. Select Project Manager and Senior Project Manager of your unit and ping each one of them on lync(messaging app), on emails and you can connect them to phone also. Tell them you are qualified in following technologies and looking for project. Don’t feel reluctant and don’t even think twice for this. Perform this operation for atleast 100 managers, I can bet you will definitely get a project.
  • Even you are not happy with your location, you can contact managers of other state and if there will be an opportunity you will get a transfer there. I changed two 3 cities in just 4 months. With the initiative of Zero bench and Zero Distance you can now transfer to any DC depending upon requirement.
  • Still if you don’t get any project(which is very rare), then you should apply for COD(certifications) and look for a project in Accelerate and Compass(These are infy portals which will help you finding work while you are on bench). I will tell more about these in my next post.

Life at Infosys Mysore During Training

Life At Infosys After Mysore Training: Dont’s

There are some don’ts also which you should not perform like don’t try to cheap Infosys with false swipe in and swipe out because when you will be caught they will not think twice to throw you out from the company.

Don’t sit idle for long time watching Youtube and surfing facebook, it will not help you if you want a better future.

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