Life At Infosys Mysore Training Campus Facilities



Congratulations! You are now selected in India’s no. 2 I.T company. Now you are going to spend best 4 months of your life in Infosys Mysore campus. Many people have different beliefs about the Infosys Mysore campus, some people say this is your honeymoon period where you spend all 4 months doing all best things which you can do in your life. Some people say Infosys training is the most difficult training ever in any I.T company, you will not get any time for using any facility offered by Infosys Mysore campus. But I believe, it depends on you, how you handle it. It depends on you how you are going to adjust your time with all these things, but I can make you sure you will surely get everything here what you need to enjoy in your life. So in this post I am going to tell you about the facilities available in the Infosys Mysore campus.

Life At Infosys Mysore Training Campus Facilities

Infosys Training Syllabus And Exam Pattern

  • First thing you will get an Air conditioned 5 star hotel type room which is called ECC here. ECC stands for Employment care center. You will get a personal room with TV, AC ,bed and all other things which is required in daily life
  • There is an area which is called RC (recreation center). It has almost every sport in it. There is a volleyball court, two basketball courts, badminton court, table tennis court, squash court, gym facility ,dance room, aerobics room, cricket ground, football ground, rock climbing.
  • You also have a Multiplex on which every weekend you can watch movies. Every weekend they will show two movies (1 English and 1 Hindi). Movies are maximum one week old.
  • Apart from all these facilities ,there are other events which is going on every month which includes Kabaddi, dance competition, Singing competition, marathons, etc.
  • There are 5000 plus cycles available in the campus which will help you to roam all around the campus.
  • There are umbrella bins also in all over the campus but they are very limited in number. So, it is very difficult to get one when you needed so better to bring one of your own.
  • Banks and ATM facilities are also there in every food court. You can now have two options to opt for salary account. Axis bank and ICICI bank are the two banks which has tie up with Infosys. Both have almost same benefits so you can open you salary account with any bank.
  • There are 9 food courts available in the Infosys campus. Detailed information of Food courts
  • Pharmacy store, Laundry services, cobbler services, barber service, daily need store (loyal world) are there to help you to meet with your all needs.

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