Mia Eliminated Prince New King Mtv Splitsvilla 8 26 September Episode 15 Fights Task

Mia Eliminated Prince New King Mtv Splitsvilla 8 26 September Episode 15 Fights Task: Splitsvilla 8 is full of twists and turns. Splitsvilla 8 is the dating love romantic show but you can see fights anger frustration too in this season which you can see in this episode. In Splitsvilla 8 26 September Episode 15, you can see more fights, frustrations and arguments instead of love and romance.

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Mia Eliminated MTV Splitsvilla 8 26 September Episode 15

In the today’s Episode 15 of the Splitsvilla 8 Mia and Sana were left in dangerous zone after saving Priyanka by former King Paras. Now a twist comes up from Book of Fortune that the new entry will decide who will continue his journey in Splitsvilla and who will finally dumped. After lots of hussle and long bak bak, finally Yash save Mia for Utkarsh and his all time love in Splitsvilla.

Prince New king MTV Splitsvilla 8 26 September Episode 15

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In today’s episode a task of King also comes up i.e. Dangal task which will decide who will be the new king of the Spiltsvilla. First girls contestant Choose Prince for the King contender with 7 votes. Now Prince will have to fight with Paras to take his thrown and get the title of King this time, for which he comes in Splitsvilla and dying waiting from long. In dangal fight task, Paras gives equal competition to the Prince but fortunately though his leg fracture Prince win this task with 2-0 and becomes the new king of Splitsvilla.

Over all Splitsvilla 8 September 26 episode is worth watch . You can watch the full episode here. Watch Splitsvilla 8 26 September Full Episode here.

  • Dangal Task.
  • Prince Narula wins the task and is the new King.
  • Utkarsh & Paras Giant Fight.
  • The book of fortune twit.
  • Sana, Mia & Priyanka in dumping zone.
  • Mia get Eliminated.


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